3 Incredible New Features In Power BI Desktop

Power BI is an excellent product, but there are still some niggling problems that can irritate and upset the best of us.  Having said that, updates and enhancements are happening all the time, and it is easy for new features that fix old problems to slip by us without detection. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the three improvements from recent releases that are worthy of your consideration. So, let’s get started.


Multi-Select Lasso Grab

Have you ever had to pick several visual assets on your doc (so you can coordinate them) and got disappointed that you had to ‘control+click’ them individually to do it? This condition is even worse when some of the graphics are buttons, such as “pick” the button and “clicking” the button to use the same keystrokes on the Power BI Desktop!

If your answer is assertive, this feature is going to be a real time-saver—We know because it’s been saving ours.

The latest update of Power BI Desktop in April 2020 introduced a new lasso multi-select, enabling you to use tap and drag multiple assets— all in one go. Besides, if you intend to copy all on a screen, you can also click anywhere on the page and then press ‘Ctrl+A’ to pick everything up.


Formula Bar Copy and Paste Fix

There was a small bug associated with the pointer position that made simple copy-paste operation of a formula bar pretty cumbersome. It has been fixed now— If you highlight the measure in the formula bar, irrespective of where your mouse pointer is when you lift the mouse button, now you can still use ‘Ctrl+C’ to copy the marked blue text.

Microsoft developers patched this small bug as part of the May 2020 update— Apparently, Darren Gosbell’s “DAX Studio” fame was the one who found out the exact “problem”  and referred it to MS. It works just fine now. In fact, the Microsoft developers have gone one step further and made it as simple as ever to highlight the full contents of the formula bar even when you pick the only part of it.


Personalizing Visuals

The final feature that we want to bring to your attention is the latest ability of the power BI desktop to empower the user to customize the graphics in their reports. Initially, the only way users could examine and adjust the visual properties was through edit access to the entire report to modify it manually as per their preference or to have the report author replicate the visual, make the necessary adjustments, and save it back to the report (probably with a bookmark to switch the options). The new “Personalize Visuals” function allows you, as a report author, to set free visual permissions in your report. This enables the end-users to adapt and customize graphics to their taste, all within the “read view” of the PowerBI.com report.