AWS Cloud Services

Addend Analytics as an AWS Consulting partner offers design, development, and deployment of full-cycle data and analytics solutions.

AWS Consulting
The most complete and widely used cloud platform in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS), provides over 200 fully functional services from data centers across the world. Millions of clients use AWS to save costs, increase agility, and accelerate innovation, including the largest corporations, most successful governmental organizations, and the fastest-growing startups.  
Addend Analytics is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting and Implementation partner with a team of certified consultants who assist businesses with the design, development, and deployment of full-cycle data and analytics solutions. 

AWS Products


You can host applications like Big Data analytics, data warehouses, Internet of Things, databases, backup and archive apps on AWS Cloud storage since it provides you with more dependable, scalable, and secure hosting options. Get services for object, file, block, or cloud data movement.


Computing is the foundation for creating and managing your business. AWS offers a reliable and scalable platform with more than twice as many compute instance families, twice as many compliance certifications, and the greatest global presence of any cloud vendor.

Database Management

The fully managed database services from AWS are designed to fit the needs of your particular applications. Build applications with highly connected data and make use of transactional apps, internet-scale applications, analytics, caching, and real-time workloads.

Media Services

Services that are fully managed, on demand, and pay as you go, with automated resource scaling, make it simple to create dependable, high-quality films in less time and money, allowing you to innovate more quickly and handle expanding audience sizes. Instead of maintaining your infrastructure, concentrate on your content.

Addend’s AWS Consulting Services

In order to manage AWS analytics solutions, we offer a one-stop shop that covers strategy, architecture, development, DevOps, cost optimization, maintenance and support, and invoicing.

AWS Data Architecture
We provide cutting-edge data architectures on AWS that encourage the usage of high-quality, pertinent, and readily available data. These cloud-based solutions lower expenses, boost output, and increase efficiency. They are also designed to expand with your company. To get the most out of your data and analytics solutions, we can assist you in selecting the best AWS technologies.
AWS Health Check
Utilize our AWS consulting services to get an assessment of your current settings for operational excellence, security, dependability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. To improve on these five areas, we’ll offer in-depth advice and guiding best practices.
Database Platform Migration
Your data assets will be moved to AWS with our assistance. The stand-up and configuration of AWS technical migration details for all environments, training, and go-live procedures are all part of your personalized migration strategy.
Data Science with Amazon SageMaker
We turn generalized notions about machine learning into focused initiatives that can be taken. We’ll assist you with gathering the data you require, creating machine learning models, communicating and interpreting the outcomes, and deploying them in real-world settings.
Cloud Readiness Assessment
We can assist you in deciding which assets you are prepared to shift to the cloud by using our AWS cloud migration checklist. We’ll give you the instructions you need for a successful relocation, emphasizing the necessity for as little business interruptions as possible.

Addend’s AWS Expertise

Data Strategy
Starting with a sound plan will help you succeed with your data. We assist you in creating a long-term, strategic plan that outlines the personnel, operational procedures, and technological requirements so you can begin utilizing your data to meet your organizational objectives.
Data Management

We create safe and adaptable data architectures for cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid systems to act as the framework you need to utilize all of your data.

In order to automate tedious operations, transform data into insights, enhance data quality, effectively convey complicated data, and forecast trends and behavior, we install current BI solutions.
D365 Business Central Implementation
Tell me more about Addend Analytics?

Addend Analytics is AWS Consulting partner based in Mumbai, India, having a branch office in U.S. and we have successfully implemented 100+ AWS Consulting and implementation projects across U.S., Europe, and Australia.

How much does it cost to implement AWS? What are your rates?

This totally depends on your company requirements. However, we assure you our rates are way more affordable than most other AWS partners in the US.

We are AWS partner too. Will you help us implementing and consult for our client?

Yes, we operate under white labeling model wherein you can hire our experts for your client work.

How can I be sure of your work delivery and quality?

We usually provide around 15-20 hours of the work for free so you can gauge our quality level.

How do I contact you?

Please email your requirements at and we will get back to you.