Best practice for using Power BI Dataset

In this blog, you’ll learn the best practices to use Power BI Dataset.

Purpose and features of Power BI Datasets

  1. Power BI Dataset is to be used when we want to separate the data model and the reports.
  2. The Dataset contains all transformations, data model (relationships), and a common set of measures.
  3. Reports can be created using the Dataset as a data source (Live connection).
  4. When these reports are published in the Power BI service, no dataset gets published along with the report. This is because the underlying dataset is already published in another workspace.
  5. As it is a Live connection, any changes made in the Dataset get reflected in all the linked reports immediately.


  1. Creating a Dataset
    1. A Dataset to be created using Power BI desktop and to be published in the workspace.
    1. All common measures shall be created in this Dataset which may be used for different reports.
  • Creating a new report
    • Reports to be created using Power BI desktop. The data source for reports to be selected is “Power BI Dataset”.
    • All report-specific measures to be created in the reports.
    • Pls note – the measure created in the Dataset cannot be viewed/edited in a report.
  • Editing a Dataset
    • A  Dataset may be required to be edited from time to time to include more tables, add transformations, or change relationships.
    • For this, download the Dataset, make required changes using Power BI Desktop and publish with the same name in the workspace.
    • All linked reports will get updated immediately after publishing the Dataset.
  • Example – Creating reports using Power BI Dataset
  • In Power BI desktop: Home > Power BI datasets.

  1. We’ll be pulling the data using Azure DevOps Report Dataset to build the report.
  2. Select a Dataset to create a report.

Now we are ready to create the report using the dataset.

So, in this blog, you have learned best practices to use PowerBI Dataset.



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