Different Analytical Lines in Power BI

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  • Post published:January 8, 2022

Hi everyone, in this blog we are going to learn about different types of Analytical lines in PowerBI. Let’s get started.  

We have a data which talks about Sales of Various different products. You shall see a glimpse of it down below: 

Our objective is to explore various types of Analytical lines.  

Step1: Add a line chart with required data on X and Y axis. 

Step2: Go to Analytical Pane present for the line visual chart. 

You shall see possibly many different options there:  
Graphical user interface, chart, application

Description automatically generated 

Step 3: Turn on the required analytical line and add value there. 
I have created 2 visuals:  
For Visual1 – I have taken Category and sales amount 
For Visual2 – I have taken Sales amount and Date(Year)  
Note: Your Analytical line options vary with your Data Points. 

Visual1 is shown below: 

For all the analytical lines – I have taken sales as my value. 

Min line – Shows Min Sales 

Max Line – Shows Max Sales 

Median Line – Shows the Sales Mid data point 

Average Line – Shows the Mean or Average Sales Value 

Percentile Line – I have taken 40 Percentile there, you can choose whatever percentile value you require. 

Visual2 is shown Below: 

Trend Line – Shows the Positive and Negative direction – Here the line in red is directed towards lower sales in comparison to initial data point.  

X Axis Constant line – It will show the constant point for data on X axis – We have Year here. As you can see the value below, it clearly has exact date. Dotted blue line is nothing but the data point on that date. 

Y Axis Constant line – It works similarly to line above the only difference is of Axis. Here it will show the Horizontal line for the data point. 

Last but not the least is Forecast line – The shaded area you see in the visual2 is the Outcome of Forecast line – Here the forecast is done for next 2 years. You can see upper and lower bound in the tooltip for the shade areas. 

Hope you have explored the following analytical lines from this article. Thank you for reading.  

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