Display the selected value from the slicer in the card..


  1. Problem Statements.
  2. Solution.

1. Problem Statement:

We need one card that will show some text and selected values from the slicer.

e.g., I have one slicer (i.e., year) and I want to display “Year is: 2022” depending on the slicer.

2. Solution:

Take one slicer, “Year.”

For the dynamic card, we need to create one measure.

Here is the DAX Expression:

Selected_val =

VAR Cond =

IF (

HASONEVALUE ( ‘Date Table'[Year] ),

SELECTEDVALUE ( ‘Date Table'[Year] ),




CONCATENATE ( “Year is : “, Cond )

Here, we are concatenating the text “” with a variable.

Take a new Card Visual and drag & drop this measure into the Card Visual.


Conclusion: We can display a dynamic selected value from the slicer with a static value in Card Visual

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