Dynamically Update the Date Table Start Date and End Date

Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing good! 

This blog is all about how we can dynamically set the start & end date for date table. 

We can achieve this amazing thing by simply performing three steps- 

  1. Click on New Source, from there select Blank Query
  1. Now, we require to create a list and select max date from a selected table’s date column. 
  1. As we are done with the max date, we head towards getting the year end date of the selected max date- 
  1. This is the final step, click on the date table’s source option from Applied Steps section and from there replace the manually inserted end year date with this newly created function. 

As we have completed the above steps, we can take a seat back and enjoy the date table’s end date getting update dynamically.  I hope you guys find this blog useful. Thanks. 

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Rajeshwari Sharma  
Senior Data Analyst
Addend Analytics