Embedding Power BI Report in Web Pages

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  • Post published:April 4, 2023

In this blog, we will be seeing how we can make our Power BI report publicly available on a simple web page or embed them on our web page.

Step 01:

Open the report on powerbi.com.

 Step 02:

Go to  File > Embed report > Publish to web (public)

Step 03:

Then a dialog box ‘Embed in a public website’ will appear. Click on Create embed code.

After creating the embed code click on Publish.

Step 04:

After this, we’ll be getting 2 alternatives.

Alternative 01:

Select the web page that needs to be published on Microsoft’s own Power BI website.

We can copy the URL and send it to anyone. They need not be subscribers to Power BI to access this web page.

If the report has multiple pages, each report page is accessible individually on the resulting web page.

Alternative 02:

Select the web page that needs to be published on Microsoft’s own Power BI website.

We’ll be copying the iframe HTML element which we can then paste into the HTML of our own web page.


Below is the HTML code for our website: –


We’ll paste the iframe HTML code of our report page in the above HTML code of our website as shown below: –

<iframe title=”Naga_Garments_Dataset” width=”600″ height=”373.5″ src=”https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjoiMGY5NGRkNzItYmJiMi00Y2Y3LWE2OTItMzlhY2E1NzkxMGI0IiwidCI6IjZmMjhlNWI4LTY3ZmUtNDIwNy1hMDQ4LWNjMTdiOGUxMzQ5OSJ9″ frameborder=”0″ allowFullScreen=”true”></iframe>

After adding the iframe HTLM to our code we’ll save the file.

We’ll open the file saved in our browser to check if the web page loads the embedded frame and accesses the Power BI report.


We have embedded the Power BI report in web pages using two alternative methods.

  1. Using the link that we can send in an email.
  2. Using the HTML that we can paste into a website.


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