Error in Power BI Service: “Information is needed in order to combine data” 

I worked on a dataset connected through Web API. Multiple tables are appended and used in the report. 

I got the below mentioned error while refreshing manually and scheduled in Power BI service, but it is refreshed in power BI desktop without any error. 

Processing error: Information is needed in order to combine data  

Cluster URI:  

Activity ID: a2a5bbe3-830e-47e4-a552-77cf2d267310  

Request ID: 4de4e4b0-43ac-203f-0df7-40dc38473d0e  

Time: 2022-05-02 08:03:01Z 

I tried several options by changing privacy settings also.  

I am explaining here the option which is worked. 

  1. Download the report from Power BI Service 
  1. Open in Power BI Desktop 
  1. Go to query editor 
  1. Refresh all data in query editor to see if there is any pop-up message 
  1. Go to Data Source Settings and click Edit Permissions for all data sources and ensure privacy level is Organizational. 
  1. Republish the report to Power BI Service. 
  1. Go to Data Source Credentials in Power BI Service > Settings and ensure Privacy level is Organizational. 
  1. Refresh the dataset again. 


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