How Does Addend help you Implement Microsoft Power BI Solutions

Every organization is generating a huge amount of data every minute. The data can be structured coming from data sources like ERP, CRM, spreadsheets etc or unstructured from sources like social media, IoT devices. This huge amount of data has become a problem of plenty.

A business manager does not have time to sift through all this data, eliminate noise and analyse it to make intelligent decisions.

A good self-service BI tool like Microsoft Power BI provides the much-needed solution for this problem. Its no-code visualization capability is making it the number one choice of businesses of all sizes.

Its excel-like interface ensures quick adaption. In fact, many users find it easier than excel due to its drag & drop visualization capabilities.

Power BI can connect to various data sources via a native connector in a matter of seconds. Our expert team has vast experience of pulling data from on-prem or on cloud solutions which do not have a connector with Power BI.

Our Microsoft Power BI expert team develops custom Power BI solutions for organizations to bring business-critical data to life. Suddenly you will start seeing the patterns which were hidden under the heap of data. Our interactive Power BI solutions analyze data, visually explore it and enable you to make intelligent decisions in real-time.

With our Microsoft Power BI solutions, organizations can harness the power of advanced analytics like real-time dashboards, predictive analysis to prevent stock-outs or equipment failures.

Licencing options for Microsoft Power BI can be confusing for many users. Our team helps you to identify the most optimum licencing solution for your requirement. We also help you to administer the Power BI accounts for users at all levels.

Our solutions have inbuilt security for the users to see only the authorized data. This becomes essential when you are sharing the same dashboards with management team spread across geographies or functions.

As a Microsoft Partner, we will help you devise data analytics planning, strategy and implementation. Our Microsoft Certified experts will also be there to train your team so that we can run with your Power BI solutions without any help.

These solutions involve data discovery & integration, data warehousing, analytics, and reporting. You can contact us at for a free consultation!

Let’s start an exciting data journey today.

Addend Analytics is a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Mumbai, India, and a branch office in the U.S.

Addend has successfully implemented 100+ Microsoft Power BI and Business Central projects for 100+ clients across sectors like Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Sales, Manufacturing, Real estate, Logistics, and Healthcare in countries like the US, Europe, Switzerland, and Australia.

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