How to Keep Layering of Visuals in Power BI Desktop?

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  • Post published:August 6, 2021

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Hi, This blog is explaining how to keep visuals ordering using layer in view in Power BI desktop.

This is useful when we have multiple visuals one over the other.

Power BI

In the above fig. There are two shapes and added card visuals inside those two. Normally, what happens, if I select any of these cards, it will hide all cards added in that particular shape.

power-bi desktop

Once I selected the shape, it hid all the cards.
But we need to maintain this layer order. We should see the cards in this report always, not the shapes as the top layer. We can resolve it by using layer in view.

Power BI Desktop

Select View –> Selection

Selection pane will open.

In the selection pane, select the visuals to move to back, here, those two shapes.

Right click on it once it is selected, then select Group.

Power BI Desktop

Now those two shapes are under Group 1.

You can see two arrows below layer order; Bring forward and Send backward. Select the Group and select Send backward arrow and move it to the last position by selecting send backward arrow.

Power BI Desktop

It is moved to the last position and selected that last layer visuals, but now it is not hiding the card visuals in the top layer.

Power BI


Praisy Joy
Data Analyst
Addend Analytics