How to Reset Decomposition Tree using Bookmarks

In this blog, we will be seeing how we can reset the Decomposition Tree using Bookmark in Power BI. 

Step 01: 

Create a Decomposition Tree visual on a page. Also, add a date slicer to it. 

Now, we’ll be creating a Bookmark to reset all the filters applied using the slicers and the Decomposition Tree.  

Step 02: 

Add an image that we’ll be using as a Reset Button. 

Step 03: 

Make sure what you want to see on the page before you create the Bookmark because Bookmarks capture the current state of the page for which it is created.  

Step 04:   

Add a Bookmark for the Reset Button. 

Step 05: 

After adding a Bookmark. Now, we’ll assign an action to the reset Image. 

Step 06: 

Now, expand the Decomposition Tree and select any Date in the date slicer.  

Step 07: 

Now, we want to get back to the first step where the Decomposition Tree collapses, and no Date filter is applied. To go back to that Press ctrl and click on the Reset image. 



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