How to Sync Slicers in Power BI Report

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  • Post published:February 15, 2021

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While building a Power BI report, there are times when we are confused about why slicers are not working on all pages of report!!! I can feel how strange it feels like, as I have been through the same case for many times.

Let’s have a look at the scenes behind the canvas…

It happens because we miss out syncing the slicers. So, here comes the role of “Sync Slicers” feature available in Power BI.

For Example, if we have a slicer for selecting the categories of products that a manufacturer offers. And this field refers to the “Category” column of the data which is used in many pages of the report with the same slicer.
If one wants to synchronize that slicer with the same slicers on the other pages of the report; then that purpose can be achieved by following these steps: –    

  1. Open “View” tab available in the ribbon and then click on “Sync Slicers” icon.

2. From report view click on the slicer that you want to synchronize. Doing this, “Sync Slicers” panel will open up on the right side the canvas. Here we will have two options available named as “Sync” and “Visibility”.

3. In this pane, the first option is of “Sync” which will make our job easy and will sync the “Category” slicer with other “Category” slicers present on other pages of the report.

We just need to click on the checkbox available in front of the page names and then we are done with the syncing of slicers.

We have other option available parallel to “Sync” option which is “Visible” and it can be used for making the slicers go invisible, but at the backend it will work for the filtering out the data displayed on the canvas. It means they will not appear on the screen but they can filter out the report page through the syncing with other slicers on other page(s) of the report.

With the above-mentioned points, one can easily Synchronize slicers as well as hide them on the canvas (being responsive) as per the user’s requirements.

I hope this must have solved your purpose of synchronizing slicers.


Rajeshwari Sharma 
Data Analyst 
Addend Analytics