Reports are used to print or display information from a database. In Business Central, earlier there was a property named “DefaultLayout”. With the help of the “DefaultLayout” property, we can define only one type of report layout in one report object. So, If we want to add multiple types of report layouts in a single report then, In the Business Central 2022 release wave 1 plan, the Rendering property is introduced. Here, we are going to see how to use rendering property.

  1. Create a report object, (For demo purposes, now creating a report object & defining data-item as a job)

2. To define multiple types of report layouts, use the rendering property at the end of the report as shown below:

3. To set the default type of report layout at the time of running the report, use the “DefaultRenderingLayout” property as shown below.

4. After creating the report object, click “ctrl+ shift+ B” to build the report. Then defined types of report layouts will be created in the file explorer of “Visual Studio Code”.

  5. Now, we can design multiple types of report layouts with the help of a single report object.

  • RDLC Layout:

  • WORD Layout:

  • EXCEL Layout:

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