Power BI Cost & Licensing Guide for Desktop, Pro, and Premium

Organizations may gain access to a sophisticated business intelligence (BI) solution with distribution capabilities, faster publication, and connection with other Microsoft products and services with Microsoft Power BI. We’ll go through the cost of Power BI in detail in this piece.

The global BI market is expected to reach $33.3 billion by 2025, according to Markets and Markets study.

It’s critical to understand the pricing of Power BI before deciding on a specific licencing option.

Value of selecting the right Power BI license

Power BI offers a variety of licence options for businesses. As a result, some of them find it difficult to determine which licence best meets their business needs.

There are various software versions, which frequently results in a discussion over the advantages of each Power BI cost and licencing type. Furthermore, selecting the appropriate licence ensures that a firm receives the greatest business intelligence benefits while keeping its business goals in mind.

The selecting procedure, on the other hand, should not be a difficult undertaking. The following elements can be taken into account by businesses:

  • Content Creation — This feature enables users to easily produce and generate reports as well as build data visualisations.
  • Content Publication – Second, users may produce material, collaborate with colleagues, publish reports, share dashboards, and execute ad hoc analysis.
  • Finally, Content Consumption — This component allows users to browse and interact with pre-published dashboards and reports using per-user or large-scale databases. The selecting procedure, on the other hand, should not be a difficult undertaking. The following elements can be taken into account by businesses:

Power BI Desktop’s Cost Structure

An organisation can take advantage of the following features with the free Power BI version:

  • development of data visualisations
  • According to the author
  • 1 GB of free space
  • Finally, data streaming at up to 10K rows per hour is possible.

Power BI Pro’s Price Structure

Power BI Pro is available for $9.99 per month per user.

When businesses choose this licence, they get the following benefits:

  • Self-service BI and modern BI in the cloud
  • Second, there’s collaboration, sharing, and ad hoc analysis.
  • MS is in charge of everything.

Power BI Premium Cost Structure

With an annual subscription, Power BI Premium costs $4,999 per month per storage resource and dedicated cloud compute.

When businesses choose this licence, they get the following benefits:

  • Enterprise BI, big data analytics, and on-premises reporting
  • Advanced administration and deployment controls
  • Dedicated cloud computing and storage resources
  • Take advantage of Power BI material.

Capabilities and Restrictions for Power BI Free License Users

  • The free version of Power BI has some limitations, including:
  • There is no support for Excel analysis.
  • There is no peer-to-peer sharing.
  • Email subscriptions that are no longer active
  • There isn’t any API integration.
  • Workspaces for apps are not available.
  • Finally, it is not possible to distribute reports made by non-Pro users.

Different Types and Capabilities of Power BI Licenses

Each Power BI licence has its own set of capabilities. Organizations must become familiar with these capabilities in order to guarantee that they choose the proper one.

Power BI Desktop

The free, self-service data analysis programme that can be installed on a computer or local system to access Power BI’s basic functionality is referred to as this version of Power BI. It can also be used to create reports. It also links a variety of cloud and on-premises data sources to create interactive graphics.

As a result, this licence is suited for individuals and small businesses who do not require continuous large-scale integration and collaboration.

Getting Started with the Power BI Desktop

Power BI Pro version

Power BI Pro version, which is the full version of Power BI, allows you to use Power BI to generate reports and dashboards with limitless viewing, sharing, and use.

Furthermore, customers with a Pro licence can share dashboards, reports, and data with a large number of other Pro licence holders. They can also set up an app-based workspace with a storage restriction of 10GB per user.

Power BI Premium

Unlike the Desktop and Pro licences, Power BI Premium gave users in an organisation a designated unit capacity. The Premium Workspace can save up to 50GB of data in the cloud and has a total storage capacity of 100TB.

Instead of depending on shared capacity, BI Embedded allows enterprises to employ their own hardware and dedicated capacity.

Introducing Power BI Premium Gen 2

Power BI Desktop vs Power BI Pro vs Power BI Premium

For a big picture of the different Power BI license types, take a look at the comparison table for Power BI cost below:

Content Creation, Content Publication and Content Consumption Capabilities in A Different Version of Power BI

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