Reverse Slicers in Power BI

Hello Folks!  
In this blog we are going to discuss about reverse slicer functionality in Microsoft Power BI

Slicers are the most used visuals in all of our reports. Whenever we want to make a selection, we simply choose value and our data is filtered accordingly, But have you ever tried playing it opposite way? Well, Let’s get started: 

A: Look at the basic Data 

B : Observe your Basic Filtering 

Now Let’s play it opposite – On Selection Of State California – I shall not see California in Resulting Data So, Here we go 

Step 1: Create a new table where you have all your Distinct States 

Step 2: Create a Measure- as Exlcude_state

Step 3 : Replace Your Slicer By Col – StoreState which comes from table that we just created above – ReverseSlicer-State. And Filter your visual where you want to exclude your value as StoreState Value is n 

And Here we reach our Final Result 

Happy Learning! 

Raksha Gangwal 
Data Analyst 
Addend Analytics 

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