Comparison between Power BI Slicer & Filter

Hi, In this blog, I am going to talk about difference between slicers and filters(Filter section on right side) in Power BI. Here, I am explaining when we should use slicer and filter.
Both slicers and filters refine query results, but slicers operates on canvas and filter operates in the background of the report.


The Power BI filter allows the report developers to configure visuals before they are presented to end users. It is a hidden and static feature.
a. A filter can be applied to different levels. ie, an entire report,  a single page or a single visual on the canvas.

b. We can apply the different filters on different visuals such as card, table or matrix in the same page.

c. Filters can be applied on different pages of same report.


Slicers are user friendly. Slicers refine the data simply by adding a column to the slicer. An end-user chooses from a set list by using the dropdown or list feature.

1. Added required column into the filed.
2. You can select the relevant option from the drop down.  

1. A slicer is user friendly; they are displayed on the canvas.

2. Report users can choose what they want displayed in the visuals.

3. However, slicers are restricted to single report page, you can add slicers to several pages and synchronize their actions across those same pages.

Simply, we can conclude that, both have their own advantages. Filter is static and hidden feature. Report developer can add it. For slicer, it is dynamic and relevant options can be selected by end users.

Praisy Joy
Data Analyst
Addend Analytics

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