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Addend Analytics as Databricks partner helps you to set up, scale Databricks platform and combine features of data lakes and warehouses.

Databricks and Addend Analytics
Addend Analytics is an expert Databricks consulting partner. By fusing Databrick’s cutting-edge technology with our knowledge of data architecture and the whole data lifecycle, we make sure you get the most value out of your investment. Addend’s Databricks experts will assist with you to set up Databricks for high-performance data processing, enhancing your cloud-based AI and ML workloads. We assist you in designing, processing, and launching your data platform so that your digital transformation and predictive applications can proceed more quickly.  

Addend’s Databricks Services

Data Architecture on Databricks

Using Databricks, we create adaptable data structures that encourage the usage of reliable, timely, and available data. These cloud-based solutions increase productivity while lowering costs, and they are designed to expand with your company.

Databricks Health Check

We can assess the operational excellence, security, dependability, performance effectiveness, and cost-optimization of your current Databricks setup. To help with these five areas, we’ll offer in-depth advice and best practices that can be followed.

Database Platform Migration

Your data assets should be moved to Databricks. The stand-up and configuration of Databricks technical migration details for all environments, training, and go-live procedures are all part of your personalized migration plan.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

We can assist you in determining whether you’re prepared to migrate to the cloud using our migration template. Following that, we’ll outline the procedures you must take for a successful migration, with a focus on causing the fewest possible alterations to your organization.
Databricks Architecture
Databricks FAQs
Tell me more about Addend Analytics?

Addend Analytics is Databricks Consulting partner based in Mumbai, India, having a branch office in U.S. and we have successfully implemented 100+ Databricks Consulting and implementation projects across U.S., Europe, and Australia.

How much does it cost to implement Databricks? What are your rates?

This totally depends on your company requirements. However, we assure you our rates are way more affordable than most other Databricks partners in the US.

We are Databricks partner too. Will you help us implementing and consult for our client?

Yes, we operate under white labeling model wherein you can hire our experts for your client work.

How can I be sure of your work delivery and quality?

We usually provide around 15-20 hours of the work for free so you can gauge our quality level.

How do I contact you?

Please email your requirements at and we will get back to you.