Dynamic Title In Power BI

Hello readers, we all Microsoft releases monthly updates with cool and exciting features. In this blog we’ll see one of the cool features i.e., visuals with Dynamic Titles. We will also learn, how to create a visual with dynamic title based on slicer selection.

All the time we use DAX expressions to write business logics & calculate something. But in this article, you will come to know how DAX measures can be used to make our reports attractive.

Let’s understand this with an example, my report has sales data & I’ve Country slicer on top of my report.

         Figure 1: Report View


Now, on the Modelling or Home ribbon, select New Measure.

Table Title = “Sales Record: ” & SELECTEDVALUE(‘Order'[State]) & “State”

Figure 2: DAX Expression

Now go to format setting of the visual and go to title & click on conditional formatting(fx) option.

Figure 3: Conditional Formatting

In format by field value, select the measure that you’ve created & click on OK.

After clicking OK, your Dynamic Title for the selected visual is created.

As you can see, I’ve selected Alabama in state slicer & our title is changing as per our slicer selection. This is how one can create Dynamic Title.

I hope you find this blog useful. Thank you for reading.

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Gaurav Lakhotia
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