Microsoft Dynamics GP to Business Central Migration

Still running your accounting on Dynamics GP?
Migrate now from Dynamics GP to Cloud based Business Central with Addend Analytics!!!

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a great financial accounting solution for small and medium sized businesses but as companies evolved and expanded at a rapid pace, multiple key aspects of ERP and accounting were lacking in GP, and subsequently, Microsoft experienced a growing need to introduce a new robust, holistic Cloud based ERP and this is how Business Central (Navision) was born!
Key Reasons to migrate from GP to Business Central Now!
Your mainstream support has expired if you are using a version of Microsoft Dynamics GP prior to 2015.
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 is no longer supported by Microsoft.
If you're still using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 or a previous version, your Extended Support has already expired.

Why migrate from Dynamics GP to Business Central?

Easy Customization, Tailored UI
Compared to GP, BC is a much modern, lean and cleaner platform! It offers a visual drag-and-drop interface that allows users with no programming skills to adapt the software using no-code/low-code alternatives to fit their company needs. BC’s business logic may be simply extended to conduct more complex functions for more sophisticated modifications. And all of your modifications will be saved even if the software is updated which is not the case in GP. Users may simply navigate the system and delve down into the details of individual transactions, accounts, reports, and graphs with a single click! The easy-to-use Role Centre capabilities can also be used to personalise the user experience.
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Deep Functionalities, More Features
Business Central (Navision) is a modern accounting solution specially curated for the small and medium sized manufacturers, distributors, supply chain and logistics companies, and given this fact, compared to GP, it already comes with a native manufacturing and distribution capabilities and can be easily extended to perform complex functions, including warehouse and inventory management, supply chain management, lot and serial tracking, manufacturing process automation, bar coding, and many more. So clearly, Business Central (Navision) has more distribution and manufacturing capabilities than GP.
Bank upon Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a collection of multiple applications that make information more accessible to non-technical users. You can easily connect Business Central (Navision) to other apps using the Power Platform, such as Office 365, Azure services, and a variety of third-party applications (like Salesforce). The Power Platform includes the following components:

Power BI – Collect data from BC and other business apps in real time and use it for proactive insights and decision making with Power BI.

Power Apps — Non-technical users can easily construct powerful bespoke applications using low-code/no-code “point-and-click” capabilities.

Power Automate – (previously Flow). Create workflows to automate your business’s repetitive tasks and processes.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Pricing
“Edit in Excel” in BC

This is the feature which every BC user loves! The ability to Edit in Excel in BC is a huge reason why changing to BC is such a great choice! Mass record modifications in GP requires the assistance of your IT department while in BC, you can export mass record lists to Excel, update the records, and then publish them back to BC using BC’s ‘Edit in Excel’ capabilities. All without needing to report a problem to your IT department! Additionally, you must run a utility to repair the master record when rectifying an error in GP, such as an inaccurate customer name or ID. All these types of corrections are considerably easier to make in BC. All you have to do is update the customer card’s record, and your error will be fixed in a jiffy!

Transparent Pricing
The BC licensing cost is determined transparently by the number of users each month. Moving from an on-premises system like GP to a cloud-based “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) platform like BC is a paradigm shift in how your ERP is priced and paid for. There will be an upfront greenfield implementation expense for both GP and Business Central (Navision) however, once BC is installed, recurring licencing charges are calculated per user per month. As a result, you’ll be able to effortlessly add and remove people as needed.
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Top BC Features

Advanced Finance

  • 1 to 3 Functional Companies
    • Intercompany Transaction Setup
    • 1 Consolidation
    • Same Chart of Accounts and Dimensions for All Companies
  • 4 to 6 Functional Companies
    • Intercompany Transaction Setup
    • 2 Consolidations
    • Same Chart of Accounts and Dimensions for All Companies
  • If you require 7 or more companies, let's talk more about your requirements.

Advanced Banking

  • EFT/ACH (Accounts Payable Only)
  • 80 Byte File Format
  • eBank Rec

Assemblies (Requires sales, purchasing, and inventory)

  • Assembly BOMs
  • Assembly Orders