How to change data source from one excel file to another excel file in Power BI

Hi Everyone,

Today, I will be showing you how to change the data source from one excel file to another excel file in Power BI and some considerations before changing the data source in Power BI. So let’s get started. 😀

First of all, you need to stay connected with your existing excel file. Then you need to go to the “Edit Queries” option and select “Data source settings” as shown below.

Selecting Data source settings under Edit Queries option

After selecting the option you will get a window like the following.

Then you need to click on “Change Source..” and select the other excel file as shown below.

Select the other excel file and click OK

After selecting the file close the data source settings. Now Power BI will give us a prompt at the top indicating that there are changes that need to be applied as shown below.

Make sure that you apply changes as this will reflect in your data model based on the other excel file. So click “Apply Changes” and wait until the data refreshes. After the data refresh is done you can notice that the data in the visual changed as shown below.

Data changed after changing the data source.

There are a few considerations that needs to be addressed before changing the data source some are as follows

  1. The column headers in both of the excel files should have the same naming conventions.
  2. The number of columns in both files should be exactly the same.

You can refer the following video if you want to see the video tutorial.

Hope this helps you to understand the basics of Power BI. 🙂

Anik Bhattacharjee
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