How to Expand & Collapse Matrix Row Headers in Power BI

In this blog, I am willing to explain how to expand /collapse row headers in matrix visualization. This is the most important feature in Microsoft Power BI which I thought to pen down for you all.

There are two ways you can expand/collapse row headers in matrix visualization. The first way is to take the route of the Right-click menu. Post this, you will be able to see options to expand/Collapse the specific record or row you clicked on, entire level or all down to the very last level of the hierarchy. In a similar way, you can collapse row headers as well.

Right- Click -> Expand/Collapse

Also, you can add +/- buttons to the row headers through the formatting pane under the row headers card. By default, the icons will match the formatting of the row header. Additionally, you can format it with the color and size.

Once you have turned on the icons, it will work similarly to the icons of drill-down.

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