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Technology keeps on evolving on daily basis. It changes how we operate and makes our work better with its every update. Earlier there were specific consultants dedicated to app development, but today, Microsoft being the global giant, has made it a cake walk to everybody!

Microsoft has developed Power Apps that enables user to simplify their daily operations and seamlessly create business applications as per their needs. One does not need to have a coding language for making a power app. It is a software-as-service (SAAS) that will link your stored business data located in the data platform (CDS).

Let’s see some of the outstanding benefits of PowerApps –

1 Easy to use
As said above, it does not require coding knowledge. A basic knowledge of drag and drop information, will make it way for you. It is also flexible with multiple platforms and mix-matched platforms as per your company’s needs.

2. Boosts brand image
PowerApps keeps your customers and stakeholders informed about the events happening in your fraternity. It updates them about your company culture, policies, and code of conduct, making them engage in your brand. It boosts brand image.

3. Automated processes
You do not need to manually update the app with inputs. It updates your customers and employees about recent activities with push notifications. This can be viewed only any social media.

4. Improves customer experience
As it updates the customers on regular basis, it also daily reports the management of the customer preferences and complaints. It imbibes the fact that ‘your complaints are heard’ to the customers.

5. Increases productivity
Productivity is two way round. By hearing and raising customer complaints to the management and marketing about the company services, it boosts sales.

While it saves manual time and energy involved by the employees to update and maintain the app.

6. Cost effective
PowerApps is available at cheaper rates with monthly trial environments. For various departments, you can create different apps for subfunctions. E.g., HR dept can use different apps catering to recruitment & hire, attendance maintenance, performance appraisals, leave tracking etc.

7. Single control for multiple apps
After you create apps for various purposes will be controlled at admin center through PowerApps integration. All employees can view the apps, while editing and security rights will be decided by the admin.

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