Build your Own Power BI Custom Visuals

Show your Raw Data and Addend will transform it into world-class Actionable Reports & Dashboards using Custom Power BI Visuals.

What is Power BI Custom Visual?

Power Bi Custom Visualization is the process of collecting raw data and translating it into pictorial and graphical representations such as videos, images, diagrams, graphs, and others that explain the information and allow you to get insights from it. With this custom visual capabilities, Our Power BI Consulting services can help the business owners, users, or analytics team to quickly review data and arrange interactive rich reports to make informed business decisions. Custom visuals are created by Addend Analytics’ developers using the custom visuals SDK. Developers use JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, D3, R-language scripts, etc. to create custom visuals from scratch. Once a custom visual is ready, it is then tested and debugged.


Power Bi Custom Visuals
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Transform your Reports using Custom Power BI Visuals

Microsoft Power BI offers a good set of in-built visuals such as line chart, bar chart, funnel chart, KPI, map, pie chart, donut chart, etc. You can access and use these pre-packaged visuals from the Visualization pane in Power BI Desktop. These pre-packaged visuals might prove to be enough in most cases and fulfil your requirements in creating a report in Power BI. However, there will be times when you’ll have a hard time finding the right fit to graphically represent your data. In this case, Addend Analytics can help you select from rich library of custom visuals, import to Power BI Desktop, and use as per your industry requirement.

Top 3 Types of Power BI Custom Visuals

Power BI custom visuals are divided into three categories  
Custom Visual Files

The custom visual files (.pbiviz) contain the code to run custom visuals in your Power BI app. Custom visual codes are created by developers and packaged in custom visual files with .pbiviz extension. Customers or report creators save these files to their computers and use them in Best Power BI reports. However, one crucial point to remember is that the custom visual you’re importing must come from a reliable source. There should be no security or privacy risks in the custom visual.


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Power Bi Custom Visualizations
Organizational Visuals
Organizational visuals are visualisations created specifically for usage within a company. Every company has its own work-flows and business methods. As a result, they demand tools and approaches to meet their business needs. Microsoft Power BI allows you to create unique visuals that are suited to your organization’s needs. Developers within the company can design custom visualisations to depict data patterns and information that is important to the company. The deployment and control of the custom organisational visuals are handled by the Power BI admin (administrator). The admin adds custom visuals to the organisational visuals repository through the Power BI Admin Portal. These custom visuals are then imported into Power BI Desktop for use by users or report authors. As a result, these visualisations are now available for usage in reports and analysis by the data analyst.
Marketplace Visuals

Microsoft and its community members have tested and approved creative images for the Marketplace. AppSource is where power bi custom visualization is created and uploaded. This is done as a community service to help Power BI customers, who can utilize these custom visuals to explore new areas of their data. Connect with us to learn how to import custom visuals from Marketplace and AppSource. Some Microsoft images are subjected to considerably more stringent quality and risk testing. Certified Visuals are those that have passed such examination. These visualisations also have some extra features, such as email subscriptions, PowerPoint export, and so on.