Sales Analysis with
Microsoft Power BI

Sales Analysis Quick Overview​

We can create interactive and insightful sales analysis solutions with Power BI. These solutions provide business users an overview of their organization’s sales performance from multiple dimensions such as by time period, geography, customer, product, sales representative, etc. It allows executives to get a snapshot of how the business is doing. At the same time, it gives managers and analysts the ability to dive deeper into the data to efficiently identify what strategies are working and find out exactly where improvements are needed.

This Sales Analysis report is intended for
CMO, Executives, Sales Managers, Analysts and Sales Reps.

Who are your top customers and which sales channels are outperforming others?
How is the sales trending and are the current trends meeting the budget?
How are revenue and profit numbers now compared to last month, quarter, or year?
How is the profitability for different products, customers and regions?
Which products, regions, and sales reps are performing the best and worst?