Stop Filtering In Visualizations

This article is showing two different ways to stop filtering in some visualizations you want in a report.

  • Use Edit interactions feature
  • By writing a measure using DAX


Using Edit interactions feature

Step 1: Select the specific slicer or the visual that is providing the filter in the specific scenario.

Step 2: Then go to Format > Edit interactions and click on Edit interactions.

Step 3: On clicking Edit interactions, some new icons will appear on upper right corners of all other   visuals on that page. Choose none (circle with slash) on the visual which you don’t want affected by the slicers or filters.

Now that particular visualization is not affected by the specified filter.


By writing a measure

Write a measure using CALCULATE function. Use ALL function inside the CALCULATE expression to remove the filter on specified columns. The measure looks like:

Removing Filter = CALCULATE(Expression), ALL(List of Columns to remove filters)))

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