Tableau to Power BI Migration Services

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Why Migrate from Tableau to Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI has exceptional differentiators over Tableau. It’s an ideal opportunity to act and make the most of this economical, business-oriented, self-service Business Intelligence platform, to unlock the power of impactful insights from a single-silos of data. We at Addend Analytics believe in partnering with our clients for long-term, bringing value to your business by implementing powerful BI solutions and maximizing your return on investment. For us, it is important when engaging on a Tableau to Power BI migration exercise to not just replicate what you have but to enhance it.


tableau to power bi migration

We help you determine the most optimal Tableau to Power BI migration path

tableau to power bi migration

With Tableau to Power BI migration we aim to deliver:

Reduced operational costs

An optimal enterprise solution leveraging Power Platform and the Microsoft data stack

Find the similar capabilities and functionality of your existing platform in Power BI
Increased adoption of your data analytics tools and data visualization With bundled tools for ETL and Data discovery, make the most of predictive analytics and data modelling
Integration with Microsoft Portfolio Enjoy inbred integration with Power Apps, Power Automate, Office 365, Azure, Dynamics, Customer Voice, and Azure Synapse!
What we will do?

Our team of Power BI Consultants will partner with you to replicate your Tableau dashboards, reports and infrastructure in Power BI.



Identify gaps in current business needs
Rationalise dashboards and other assets to remove redundancy
Uncover data quality issues
How do we do it?
Review existing Tableau reports and BI architecture
Agree on the sprint cycles and key milestones
Build data model and create dashboards, feedback at the end of each sprint
Deploy to production environment
Handover to support team
End user training
Kamal Sharma

Kamal Sharma

Founder & Principal Data Analyst

Free Consultation – Talk to our BI Experts

Eager to discuss your ideas or challenges in implementing or migrating to Microsoft Power BI. Meet Kamal! He is a cheerful personality to talk. He often enjoys engaging discussions with clients and till now with the team has successfully delivered and served 100+ clients globally within a short span of 3 years.

Begin your journey towards growth with a


We are there to serve your purpose. Our team will demonstrate first-hand Experience of  how Microsoft Power BI can deliver scalable, simplified, and effective solutions to updating your legacy Tableau dashboards.


Addend Analytics is a fast-growing Data Analytics company. We specialize in Microsoft technologies like Power BI, Azure, AI/ML, Dynamics 365, Power Apps & Power Automate. We have provided data analytics & BI services to clients in the US, UK, Europe, India, and Australia. Our clients come from various industry backgrounds like IT, E-commerce, Retail, healthcare, financials, & manufacturing. Read More >>


Addend Analytics, being a Microsoft Gold partner is capable of providing unique solution to your problems. Our developed skillset and capabilities differentiates us and gives us a competitive advantage.

At Addend Analytics, we have nurtured a team of experienced and talented young professionals, a perfect blend capable of transforming raw data into actionable insights to boost your productivity. Our committed specialists are able to track all sort of problems and have expertise in multiple sectors.

We prioritize in understanding the reason for your interest and guarantee you the greatest return for the capital invested considering your future endeavors.

Addend Analytics has delivered customized solutions for 100+ clients within a span of 3 years from developing Business Intelligence roadmaps to remodeling and re-innovating analytics and data visualization systems.

Our valuable resources and structured approach to work add muscles to our experience. Rather than offering an ‘off-the-rack’ arrangement that fits all, we understand your business needs and operational arrangement to tailor the specific solution. Our developed skillset, know-how of industry and functions gives us an upper hand.

Frequently asked questions

As more visualization suites become accessible to large organizations, small businesses, and personal users, it is fundamental and necessary to assess which one best accommodates your organization. Most organization picks visualization suites with cloud-first abilities, robust security, and a value that suits their budget. One of the prominent Business Intelligence tools in the market is Microsoft Power BI.

It hosts a variety of additional suites which can be easily integrated with Power BI like Azure Cloud Services (supported within the Power BI Premium package) and Office 365.

Power BI additional functionality of directly put in open-source customized python & R visualization packages including MatPlotLib, ggplot2, seaborn, and

Microsoft spends considerably longer time, huge money, and dedicated resources to make sure higher levels of data and user security.

Data preparation is far more simplified in Power BI than Tableau with the feature of DAX language, commonly utilized ETL functions, and data marts made directly in Power BI.

Power BI offers a premium service, Power BI Pro, which takes into consideration simple sharing of dashboards and data, through web-browsers, private-organizations, and as.PBIX records.

Tableau (creator license of $70/user/month) is far costlier than Power BI (pro license of $10/user/month), for developer and dashboard viewer license(s).