Dynamics AX/F&O Technical Support

Hire our top 1% talent of Dynamics 365 Finance/SCM (AX) Technical developers to enhance your Project Delivery on white-label mode.

Extra Technical Resource Boost for all Microsoft Partners on their D365 F&O Project Delivery

Any successful project relies on having the correct-sized team, and as they mature, it may be important to bring on additional members who are exactly right for the job. Our Dynamics AX/F&O technical staff augmentation services gives your team the speed, expertise, and flexibility they need to scale swiftly and execute projects on schedule.

Our army of D365 F&O/AX Technical developers function as an extension of your local team, attending daily meetings and reporting directly to your management, proving to be a significant competitive advantage for your company.

Dynamics 365 Finance/SCM projects can be complex. From prototyping to full-scale creation of desktop, mobile, or online applications, testing, and systems administration, no matter how basic or sophisticated, our technical developers are geared up for you.

Addend Analytics’ extended team services are a tried-and-true, low-cost option for Microsoft partners like you to expand the size and productivity of their internal development teams in a short amount of time. Our dedicated F&O (AX) technical staff are the ideal alternatives for quickly assembling a conveniently placed, highly qualified, creative, and experienced team made up of the Top 1% of Tech Professionals who can seamlessly integrate with your present process.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Services

What exactly is IT Staff Augmentation or Resource Hiring?

Dynamics 365 Finance/SCM staff Augmentation is a service that allows Microsoft partners worldwide to add more technical talent to your team as needed. This enables Microsoft Gold partners to quickly locate the perfect person for hard-to-fill or temporary positions, increasing project scalability and efficiency..

IT Staff Augmentation provides you with the extra resources you need to complete your projects. IT Staff Augmentation is now used by enterprises all over the world to help them achieve their objectives faster and more cost-effectively. Any Microsoft Gold partner can avoid every speed bump when it comes to sourcing, acquiring, and retaining qualified software engineers thanks to IT staffing.

Dedicated D365 F&O Technical Architects for Microsoft partners

Addend Analytics’ Dynamics AX/F&O engineers are assigned to a specific client with suitable needs. You will remain on the top and anchor the project delivery for your clients and parallelly, our technical team will work in the backend for you to ensure robust delivery. Our team's expertise will assist program managers and project delivery heads like you to reduce risks along the road, and it will be preserved throughout the life cycle of project delivery.

Save 50% of your Time & Save 60% of your Budget

All our U.S., U.K & Europe based Microsoft partner clients typically see a saving of 60% by outsourcing to us as compared to hiring Dynamics 365 F&O experts on their payrolls. Also, there is a huge dearth of D365 Finance/SCM staff worldwide. You don’t have to deal with uncertainties related to the acquisition of customers as you can use our resources on a contractual basis and part away when the project is over. So, no strings attached!

Maintain Oversight & Control

Our D365 F&O technical developers, engineers and resources from Addend Analytics swiftly integrate into your internal team's processes, report directly to in-house management, and actively engage in daily meetings and progress reports. Not to say, you maintain full oversight and control over our team.

Top 1% AX Technical Talent

We specialize in end-to-end delivery of custom technology solutions created by the top 1% of D365 F&O technical developers in the world. Our Dynamics AX resources are 100% Microsoft certified and have experience of years in helping clients deliver their projects.

Preparing for Dynamics 365 F&O/AX Resource Augmentation

Working With the Right Partner
You should research the company's industry reputation, previous work, recruitment process, and competence before beginning a successful relationship.
Choosing The Outsourcing Model That Works for You
Try to conduct an internal assessment of your experience, strengths, and weaknesses for this step. IT staffing services are entirely configurable, so you'll be able to find a model that works best for you.
Define Expectations from The Start
Your design requirements and goals should be clearly defined. Moreover, multiple reviews should be carried out during the process to identify progress and make necessary changes before too much money is spent.
Prioritize Communication
Working with IT staffing services necessitates the establishment of a clear channel of communication as well as the establishment of an effective feedback loop. This is a crucial aspect of any project's success.
What Happens Next?
From the start, the best partners will create a maintenance plan tailored to your needs, ensuring that there is a plan in place to phase out your augmented employees and redirect your in-house team after coding and testing are over.
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Dynamics 365 F&O/AX Dedicated Teams
Our team of Dynamics AX and Finance/SCM make up a skilled autonomous team capable of delivering end-to-end technology solutions and value quickly and efficiently. Addend Analytics’ Scrum Master/Engineering Manager and the client’s product owner work together to manage the project. Everyone communicates as much as necessary to guarantee that the best possible results are delivered on time.

Why consider Addend Analytics as your Business Central Accounting Partner?

Ready to augment your team?

Our IT Staff Augmentation services is a proven, quick, reliable, and cost-effective way for you to increase the size and productivity of your development team with the experienced Top 1% of Tech Talent.

Dynamics AX/F&O Technical Support FAQs

What is Addend Analytics’ expertise?

Addend Analytics is a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Mumbai, India and a branch office in the U.S. Till now, we have successfully provided our AX/F&O technical developers and consultants to more than 30 Microsoft Gold partners for greenfield implementation, upgrade, migration and complex customization & integration projects across the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

How much does it cost to hire your IT staff for Dynamics AX Customization, Support and what are your rates?

This depends on the complexities of the project work and customizations your customers need! We can analyse your data and submit a proposal. Rates also differ as per the experience and the complexity of the projects. But, on a brief note, our F&O technical developers are available at $50 per hour. For more information, please contact us here.

What are the technologies that you deliver on?

We have ONLY Microsoft certified and experienced Dynamics AX Technical resources in our 40 people team.

I don’t want to reveal your assistance to my clients. Do you work on White label mode?

Yes, we do. 90% or our projects are on white label mode. Our technical staff will work on your domain email IDs, and we will have a formal agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement framework to secure this partnership.

Can I hire you for the project work which has already started?

Yes, this is exactly what majority of our clients based in U.S., U.K, Europe and Australia are doing. Most of them have hired us on the projects midway to scale and augment their team as the work had increased exponentially.

How do I contact you?

Please email your requirements at kamal.sharma@addendanalytics.com and we will get back to you.