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Power BI is fast becoming a BI platform of choice for small to large enterprises. This is because of its capability to connect to large number of data sources, powerful analytical capabilities, and striking visualizations. This all comes with Microsoft’s enterprise level data security features.

Addend Analytics provides Power BI Consulting Services right from creating a BI road map to going live. This includes:

    • Requirement gathering and creating a BI road map for your organization
    • Creating automated data pipelines for various data sources like ERP, CRM, web apps, accounting systems etc.
    • Creating on-prem or on cloud data warehouse in the most cost efficient manner
    • Create Power BI reports for various functions right from people in the trenches to the C-level executives. 
    • Creating platform to share the reports in secured and automated manner so that manual work is a thing of past for your reporting system 

our power bi services

power bi rapid start services

Seeing is believing. We provide Power BI Rapid Start service by creating a Proof of Concept for you to see how you can use your data to gain amazing insights. This POC will help you to pluck low hanging fruits or decide on next course of action.

We will ingest data from disparate sources, design a data model and create awesome visualization in just 5 days.  

  • Discuss with stakeholders to gather requirements for the Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Create data model for disparate data sources
  • Clean and transform data using Query Editor
  • Create workspace for your organization in Power BI.com
  • Create fully functional, interactive 1-2 page Power BI report and publish it to your workspace
  • Share the dashboard with stakeholders
  • Create a road map for next steps

What's included?

Transform data from any source


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Power BI Desktop

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Power BI Mobile

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Power BI Service

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