Get complete control over your data by implementing a Data Warehouse and achieve Single Source of Truth across your organization

Why Do You Need a Data Warehouse ?
Data warehouse solution
Data Warehouse Solutions
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A Data Warehouse is a central repository for integrating data from various disparate data sources. While BI is the visible part of corporate data systems, data warehousing and data mining works like the backbone of your BI reporting system. Having an effective Data Warehouse is central to achieve the “single source of truth”
Data Warehouse requirement review / assessment
Data Warehouse Technology Selection
Design & Implementation
  • Integrate data from various sources
  • Improve data quality and provide data lineage & auditing capability in line with regulatory requirements such as GDPR
  • Isolate the analytics work flow form the transactional processes
  • Achieve efficient and fast querying for analytics
  • Technology selection and integration – We help clients to select most suitable and cost effective technology for DWH project
  • On Cloud vs On-prem –  We help clients to make informed decision for selection of on cloud or on-prem DWH
  • Creation of Data Warehouse – Provisioning DWH in line with reporting requirement for the present as well as future scenarios
  • Creating Data Pipeline – We create data pipeline by using ETL/ELT process with most suitable data integration tools
  • Data Quality – We help clients to implement Master Data Management to ensure data quality
  • Big Data & Unstructured Data – We help you to decide and implement the strategy to handle Big Data or unstructured data coming from various sources
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