Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

Incorporate sophisticated algorithms into your apps, websites, and bots with Azure Cognitive Services.

Cognitive Services APIs are able to conduct superior intelligence for your organisation by utilising the power of machine learning. Cognitive Services enables you to employ cognitive algorithms to see, hear, talk, understand, and interpret your users’ demands in your apps, websites, and bots. This is achieved through natural communication approaches, and without the use of any data science knowledge!
Azure Cognitive Services
What are Azure Cognitive Services?
Azure Cognitive Services are APIs, SDKs, and services that enable developers to create intelligent apps without requiring direct AI or data science knowledge or abilities. Developers may simply integrate cognitive elements into their apps using Azure Cognitive Services. Azure Cognitive Services aims to make it easier for developers to create apps that can see, hear, speak, understand, and even reason. Vision, Speech, Language, Web Search, and Decision are the five pillars that make up Azure Cognitive Services’ service catalogue
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Azure Cognitive Services
Microsoft Azure’s Vision services can analyze visual content like images, GIFs, and videos to identify objects within it. They can enable apps to detect, and group faces, or objects based on distinct characteristics. Vision services include the following:

Computer Vision

This service is used to recognize text, tag, categorize images and generate descriptions.

Custom Vision

This service helps detect human faces in an image and to predicts features such as age, gender, smile, pose facial hair, and emotions.

Form Recognizer

This service helps extract information from documents.

Video Indexer

This service identifies visual content in videos, extracts audio, interprets text, analyzes sentiment, searches images and events in a video, and then indexes this information.

Azure Cognitive Services
Speech services are used to enable speech processing in apps where speech can be converted to text and vice versa while also translating text to other languages and identifying speakers. Speech services include the following:

Text to Speech and Speech to Text

This service translates audio to text and vice versa with support for more than 80 languages.

Speech Translation

This service helps in translating real-time conversations.

Speaker Recognition

This service can be used as a means of access control and authentication as it helps in identifying speakers.

Language services are used to analyze text to extract meaning from it. Language services include the following:
Azure Cognitive Services

Immersive Reader

This can be used to extract meaning from text.

Language Understanding

This makes apps, smart devices, and bots learn and understand the natural language of users.

Text Analytics

This helps analyze text to detect sentiment and key phrases.


It can conduct real-time machine translation with multiple languages support.

Azure Cognitive Services
Decision APIs analyze data and plot patterns to perform faster, precise, and more efficient decision-making. These include the following:

Anomaly Detector

Predicts problems before they occur.

Content Moderator:

Reviews text, videos, and images.