Cannabis Analytics & Reporting

Track all the KPIs of your Cannabis Operations with Microsoft Power BI and empower your Cannabis Business!

Benefits of our Seed to Sale Tracking System with Power BI

Improve customer service by boosting performance and minimising errors by gaining visibility into every element of your operations and inventory.
Power BI Embedded
Embedded Power BI Reports
Allow your company to adjust quickly to unpredictably changing internal and external circumstances without losing its focus or vision.
Rather than wasting time on trivial duties like data entry, use your time to focus on what really matters: Building your Business.
Power BI Embedded Report
Embedded Power BI Reports
Advanced Reporting & Analytics
Cannabis analytics & reporting from Addend Analytics are more than just prepackaged reports. Customized Reports for Cannabis, powered by Microsoft Power BI, are easy to see and use interactive dashboards that provide Cannabis & Hemp growers with huge insight and help them make better decisions. The cannabis business intelligence platform and key performance indicators (KPIs) from Addend Analytics will help you make the best decisions for your business.
View your Reports into your ERP. Get Embedded Reports, without leaving your System.
Whether you use Business Central or any other ERP platform, our cannabis team experts can integrate the Power BI reports directly into your existing ERP solution. Getting insights into your Business Central data or any other ERP is easy with Power BI – a data visualization system from Microsoft. Power BI retrieves Business Central or any other ERP data allowing you to build dashboards and reports based on that data. Power BI provides a flexible alternative to reports built in Business Central, enabling you to drill down and customize the visualization, and even merge data from different companies in Business Central. Moreover, complex Power BI reports can also be embedded in Business Central and viewed without leaving the system. More complex dashboards are better experienced from the Power BI platform.
Power BI Financial Dashboard
Best Power BI Reports
What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is a business analytics service developed by Microsoft that provides insights to help users make quick, educated decisions.

  • Transform data into beautiful visualisations that you can share with colleagues on any device.
  • Visually examine and analyse data in one place, whether on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Create and share personalised dashboards and interactive reports with others.
  • With built-in governance and security, you can scale throughout your entire organisation.
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Data Visualization Service for Cannabis Industry

We collaborate with you to determine the most critical data dashboards and reports, which we then custom construct in our client site.

The success of any cannabis startup, SME, or corporation hinges on data analysis. It empowers you to make well-informed judgments and take sensible risks. However, without good graphical interactive representation, evaluating gigabytes of data and detecting trends is extremely impossible for most firms.

We have a team of skilled business analysts and data scientists at Addend Analytics who can assist you construct data visualisation on your constantly changing data. Our professionals are knowledgeable with various data visualisation techniques and can assist customers in creating visually interactive data representations.

Embedded Power BI Reports

Our Implementation Process for Cannabis Industry

Your cannabis ERP implementation solution is just as good as the team that puts it in place. Our specialists at Addend Analytics use a high-touch exploration method to analyse your current system and configure something that works best for you. Then we'll create a plan to hold everyone accountable, and we'll stick to it.

Discovery phase

We collaborate with your internal team and use a holistic approach to determine key needs and identify any gaps

Planning phase

With a true understanding of your processes, we collaboratively design an analytical reporting that suits your unique business needs.


Your solution becomes our roadmap as we configure and develop your analytics and reporting. Training and testing are also completed.

Conference Room Pilot

This pilot involves an in-depth form of User Acceptance Testing, followed by a "day in the life" to thoroughly test and confirm all processes.


After testing, the cutover to a full Go-Live and operation occurs.

Ongoing Support

At full operation, we transition to as needed support. Key team members are available to ensure rapid knowledgeable help.

Get Insights into Trouble Areas, Make Better Decisions.
Growers can use Addend’s Cultivation reports to delve into cannabis test results. Understand the potential toxins and constituents in your cannabis goods, as well as the margins by which you can pass testing. Before problems arise, gain insight into possible trouble areas. Know where to put your money in order to keep your product’s integrity. Make sure you’re comfortable with the choices you’re making and grow your Cannabis business!
Power BI Predictive Analytics
Power BI Predictive Analytics
Know Yield per Strain, Turn Time, Moisture Loss.
With visibility on the production side of cannabis growing, Addend Analytics has taken cannabis reporting to the next level. Growers can now track critical data points per strain with Addend Analytics and Microsoft’s cannabis business analytics. Cultivators can better understand which strains grow best in their environment, average yield per stain, days per phase, overall turn time, and moisture loss by using Power BI data. Make the most of your business by relying on data.
Hemp Growers, Know your Future Sales.
Harvest data shows trends in strains by month and year by comparing previous harvest data. Recognize the differences in wet weight and final packaging weight. Hemp Growers can better understand their pipeline for future sales by knowing the amount of moisture loss each strain.
Power BI Embedded Report
Cannabis Analytics & Reporting with Power BI FAQs
What is Addend Analytics’ expertise?
Addend Analytics is a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Mumbai, India, having a branch office in the U.S with robust Power BI and Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities. We have successfully implemented Power BI for analytics and reporting in Cannabis sector and Hemp growers across North America.
How much does it cost to avail of Addend’s Power BI & BC consulting services?
Our rates are commonly around $45 per hour for a typical small and medium-sized project and go even lower for longer projects.
Would your team work for us on a white label basis?
Yes, we do! Roughly 30% of our projects are running on white label mode. You would be the front face for your clients, and we could deliver on your behalf in the backend.
How much time will it take to implement Business Central or Power BI projects?

All Power BI or Dynamics 365 Business Central projects range typically from 30 days to even 6 months to even a year! Once we analyze your project scope and requirements, we can give you the estimates and timeline required for it. Please email your requirements at

I am interested. How do I contact you?

Please email your requirements at and we will get back to you.