Harness the Power of your Data with Addend’s Snowflake Capabilities.

What is Snowflake?
With an integrated modern cloud data platform, you can unleash the potential of infinite, data-driven insights. Snowflake Cloud Data Platform blends the flexibility of big data platforms with the elasticity of the cloud to empower you with the perspective you need to conquer your next mountain through endless workloads free of scale limits. Addend Analytics, most preferred Snowflake partner, can help you in this journey!
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Addend Analytics
Snowflake - Addend Partnership
Let’s make some ripples in your data strategy to accelerate your company in no time! We have the demonstrated abilities and experience as a Snowflake’s preferred Partner to help you harness Snowflake’s breakthrough technology and create data-driven results. We’ll quickly integrate Snowflake into your data solutions and help you realise the benefits of data analytics for revolutionary performance with our huge staff of certified SnowPro architects!

Snowflake’s Architecture

With Big Data, Snowflake's architecture offers for greater flexibility. Snowflake separates the storage and compute tasks, so businesses that need a lot of storage but don't need a lot of CPU cycles, or vice versa, don't have to pay for an integrated package that includes both. Users can scale up or down according to their needs, and only pay for the resources they utilise. Storage is charged in terabytes per month, whereas computation is charged per second.
In fact, the Snowflake architecture consists of three layers, each of which is independently scalable: -

Database Storage
All data imported into Snowflake, including structured and semi-structured data, is stored in the database storage layer. Snowflake maintains all aspects of data storage, including organisation, file size, structure, compression, metadata, and analytics, automatically. This storage layer is unaffected by the availability of compute resources.
Database Storage
Compute Layer
Compute Layer
Virtual warehouses execute data processing activities necessary for queries in the compute layer. Each virtual warehouse (or cluster) can access all the data in the storage layer and then work independently, eliminating the need for the warehouses to share or compete for computing resources. This provides nondisruptive, automated scaling, which implies that computing resources can increase without having to redistribute or rebalance data in the storage layer while queries are ongoing.
Cloud Services

The cloud services layer organises the entire system and uses ANSI SQL. It reduces the requirement for data warehouse management and tuning to be done manually. This layer contains the following services:

  • Authentication
  • Infrastructure administration
  • Management of metadata
  • Query optimization and parsing
  • Control of access
Cloud Services
Snowflake Capabilities

Data Warehouse Modernization

Modernization of data warehouses Goodbye, archaic data warehouses, and hello, a modern data platform that combines all of your data and provides actionable insights. We'll assist you in establishing a business modernization framework and deploying solutions on Snowflake—all without the headaches associated with traditional complicated data solutions.

Data Analytics

Allow for unrestricted invention. Consider machine learning, predictive analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT)—quick insights at scale. We can help you get to a safe and efficient cloud analytics destination because we're immersed in everything cloud. We use data expertise, a security attitude, and cloud experience to assist you in gaining valuable insight.

Center of Excellence

Make better use of your data. We'll work with you at any stage of any data transformation project, including deployment, scalability, adoption, governance, and maintenance. We'll help you use Snowflake to drive business outcomes and achieve tremendous results, from data centre transformation to data migration.

Top 5 Benefits of Snowflake

Performance and speed

Because of the cloud's elasticity, you can scale up your virtual warehouse to take advantage of more compute resources if you need to load data faster or perform a large number of queries. After that, you can shrink the virtual warehouse and only pay for the time you used it.

Storage and support for structured and semi-structured data

For analysis, you can aggregate structured and semi-structured data and load it into a cloud database without first converting or transforming it into a set relational schema. Snowflake enhances the way data is stored and queried automatically.

Concurrency and accessibility

When too many queries compete for resources in a typical data warehouse with a high number of users or use cases, you may suffer concurrency difficulties (such as delays or failures).

Seamless data sharing

Snowflake's innovative multi cluster architecture addresses concurrency issues: queries from one virtual warehouse never influence queries from another, and each virtual warehouse may scale up or down as needed. Without having to wait for other loading and processing processes to finish, data analysts and data scientists may acquire what they need when they need it.

Availability and Security

Snowflake's architecture allows users to share data with one another. It also enables businesses to share data with anyone, whether or not they are a Snowflake customer, via reader accounts that can be created straight from the user interface. The provider can use this feature to create and maintain a Snowflake account for a customer.

Why partner with Addend Analytics for Snowflake?

Snowflake FAQs
What is Addend Analytics’ expertise?

Addend Analytics is a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Mumbai, India, and a branch office in the U.S. We have successfully implemented 100+ Microsoft Power BI, Snowflake, Power Platform, and Business Central projects across U.S. and Europe.

Do you work with Customers in the US?
We have worked for 100+ customers especially on Snowflake, Power Platform, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Azure projects across the US, Canada, UK, and Western Europe.
What are your charges and are you expensive to work with?
Our rates are typically around $40 per hour for a typical small and medium-sized upgrade and go even lower for the longer projects.
Can you also provide ongoing support after the implementation phase?
We provide Managed Services Agreement (MSA) contract to our clients where they can leverage our resources for further continuing months for any small upgrades, customization, etc.
How do we know you will assign the right skilled people to the task?

This is our strongest point, and we boast about it. While sharing the proposal, we will submit you the list of folks working on the project and we encourage all our clients to explore our members’ Linkedin profiles and see the kind of work they have done and the experience they have! Please feel free to explore their blogs too! They all are Microsoft certified and some of them are even on their way to becoming MVP!

We don’t know you; how can we trust you will deliver on time and with the right quality?
We, therefore, recommend doing a free POC so you get a taste of our working style. Secondly, please take a look at our customer base, testimonials, and references. We can even call them on a call with you if you need.
How do I contact you?

Please email your requirements at and we will get back to you.