8 Major Benefits of Microsoft Power BI You must Know

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Business intelligence is a critical component in the quest for agility, competitiveness, and efficiency. As a company grows, managing the data that is generated on a regular basis becomes increasingly difficult. As a result, data-driven businesses that want to use their data to drive business decision-making face a roadblock. Furthermore, the siloing effect and biased reporting structures across enterprises force key decision makers to make decisions based on incomplete data.

This is why business intelligent systems are gaining a lot of traction. Using an analytical system to effectively analyse data can help a company discover useful information, make recommendations, and support better decision-making.

With the introduction of its compelling analytics tool, Power BI, Microsoft, with its proven track record in the field of technology, has risen to the forefront. This report authoring tool enables businesses to quickly visualise and analyse their data in order to improve their operations.

A Smarter Solution

Regardless of the size of a company, Power BI is a cloud-based tool that requires no capital investment or infrastructure support. The modern version of the tool is free of legacy software limitations, and users do not require any specialised training to generate business intelligence insights. Power BI embedded is easy to set up and use, as is the case with all Microsoft cloud services.

Here are few valued competences of Microsoft Power BI tool

Integrates seamlessly with existing applications:

Power BI integrates seamlessly with your existing business environment, allowing you to quickly implement analytics and reporting. Microsoft Azure consultants can also assist you in making the most of this simple tool for easily embedding interactive visuals in your applications.

Rich personalized dashboards:

The information dashboards, which can be customised to meet the exact needs of any business, are Power BI’s crowning feature. To provide a unified user experience, you can easily embed dashboards and BI reports in the applications.

Publish reports securely:

The tool allows you to set up automatic data refresh and publish reports so that all users have access to the most up-to-date information.

No memory and speed constraints:

By moving an existing BI system to a powerful cloud environment with Power BI embedded, memory and speed constraints are removed, allowing data to be retrieved and analysed quickly.

No specialized technical support required:

Without the need for specialised technical support, Power BI allows for quick inquiry and analysis. It includes a powerful natural language interface as well as easy-to-use graphical design tools.

Extracting business intelligence rapidly and accurately:

It aids in the transformation of enterprise data into rich visuals, allowing business intelligence to be extracted for better decision-making.

Balanced simplicity and performance:

Both the in-memory analysis technology and the DAX scripting language are excellent examples of a delicate balance of simplicity and performance.

Supports Advanced Data services:

Microsoft Power BI development teams can assist in seamlessly integrating the environment with advanced cloud services such as Cognitive services, Cortana, and the Bot framework. As a result, the results for the verbal data query given in natural language are provided.

How Arla Foods enabled big data and self-service analytics with Power BI

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Rendering Power to Business Intelligence

A leadership team that understands the value and critical importance of cutting-edge business intelligence will build a company that will outlast the competition. The speed and quality of an enterprise’s business intelligence systems can make or break a company’s long-term success. Read why enterprises, such as utility companies, need to use an analytics platform to perform real-time or predictive analytics on their massive data to extract actionable insights.

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