8 Powerful Benefits of Microsoft Power BI which makes it the ‘Best BI’ Tool

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Business Intelligence is the key segment in the business journey to be growing, serious and compelling. As organizations develop, it turns out to be hard to oversee information being created routinely. This thus makes a barricade for information driven ventures who wish to bridle their information for driving Business Dynamics. Likewise, the siloing impact and one-sided revealing structures across ventures make a circumstance, where key leaders are compelled to take choices dependent on somewhat right information.

This is the reason smart business systems are considered to higher extent. Setting up an expository framework to viably break down information enables an undertaking find helpful data, to recommend conclusive directions and bolster decision making. Microsoft with its demonstrated reputation in the field of innovation, has gone to the cutting edge with the presentation of its compelling Business Analytics tool, Microsoft Power BI. This reporting tool permits businesses to handily imagine and investigate their undertaking information to transform their operations.

  1. Integrates seamlessly with existing applications:

Power BI integrates effectively with your current business condition permitting you to embrace analytical and reporting capabilities. Microsoft Azure experts can likewise help you in utilizing this natural instrument to implant intuitive visuals in your applications no problem at all.

  1. Rich personalized dashboards:

The highlight of Power BI is its beautiful and engaging easy dashboards, which can be altered to meet the specific need of any business or sector. You can freely embed the Power BI dashboards and reports without any hassle on top of any application to produce a unique visual experience.

  1. Publish reports securely:

Having talked about data so far, there is not even slightest of concern related to Power BI tool as the tool is hosted on Microsoft Cloud server and has excellent feature to automatic data refresh, which can be accessed from any corner of the globe.

  1. No memory and speed constraints:

Yes, that is correct! Gone are those days when you needed huge memory and faced slow speeds and lags in a BI software. This is new Microsoft Power BI platform which is hosted completely on Microsoft Cloud.

  1. No Specialized Technical support required:

Power BI provides agile inquiry and analysis without the need for specialized technical support. It supports a powerful natural language interface and the use of intuitive graphical designer tools.

  1. Extracting business intelligence rapidly and accurately:

Your operational Data is represented in a rich visual format with 100% accuracy. Hence, the business decision making is totally leveraged on the easy and interesting access to data.

  1. Balanced simplicity and performance:

The in-memory analysis technology and DAX scripting language are both exquisite examples of a balance between simplicity and performance.

  1. Supports Advanced Data services:

Microsoft Power BI tool can be integrated without any hassle with advanced cloud services like Cortana or Bot framework, thus eliminating any concerns related support of services.

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