Azure Bot Service – Dispatch Is Not Digitally Signed Error

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Azure cognitive services provide us with bot services that are scalable and versatile. The integrated bot development and hosting environment for intelligent bots can reach customers across multiple channels such as websites, telegram, Facebook messenger, Microsoft teams, slack and many more.

You can create intelligent bots to better control your data. The bot will enhance your customer experience. The bot can be built of any type such as a QnA bot for your brand, virtual assistants which help your customers achieve mundane tasks, etc.

The chatbot uses Azure QnA services to create its knowledge base to answer user queries. Moreover, the bot capabilities can be enhanced further with the help of Machine Learning. This can be achieved by integrating Azure cognitive services such as Language understanding(LUIS), speech abilities, and so on.        

Mostly in the real world scenario, a bot utilizes various LUIS and QnA maker knowledge bases, then the bot uses a dispatch tool to figure out which LUIS model or QnA Maker information base best matches the client input. The dispatch instrument does this by making a solitary LUIS application to course client contribution to the right model.

While creating a dispatch for your chatbot you can encounter the error as shown in the following picture.

The PowerShell lets you automate by default on the windows system. However, when you try to execute the downloaded or custom PowerShell script the above-mentioned error is generated.

The error states that the dispatch file is not digitally signed. This error happens because of the Restricted execution policy.  So, to run this script we need to check the execution policy of our system and change it more suitable one.

To understand more about execution policy you can check out my other blog titled – PowerShell execution Policy.


Therefore to run the scripts that will create a dispatch our bot we will have to change the execution policy of the system.

  1. To change the execution policy you need to have administrative privileges.  So search Powershell in the start menu, right-click on it and select run as administrator.

2. Now check the current execution policy of your system. To get the value run the following command:

Get-Execution Policy -list

3. Now change the execution policy of your system to Unrestricted using the following command –

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted

4. Once done, you ca n again list the execution policies to check if the policies have been changed or not

Now, once the execution policy is changed you should be able to create your dispatch for the Chatbot.

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