Customer Success Story

Customer story: Park Place technologies builds personal relationships to drive global sales

Park Place Technologies is growing fast. They’re using Dynamics 365 to build relationships and maintain a 97% satisfaction rate with more than 13,000 customers.

With Dynamics 365, their sellers focus on the right opportunities and pivot when needed. They collect and analyze data to improve productivity and close more deals today, while leveraging actionable insights and predictive analytics that inform where to go in the future.

At Kamal Sharma, we understand how important relationships are in driving sales, and we can set you up with intelligent tools to close more deals. Contact us to learn more.

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Customer Story: Bridgeport Public Schools

Every teacher wants their students to succeed. But in a constantly evolving digital society, it can be challenging to provide students with updated digital learning tools.

The Bridgeport Public Schools are ensuring that students are equal to any task by providing them with a scalable education that evolves in tandem with ever-improving technology. With the latest education technology in Windows 10, educators are ensuring that students have what they need to thrive.

At Kamal Sharma, we want to make every student story a success story.

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