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Date Table are integral while building a Power BI report. We require a date table so that our time intelligence functions can work properly and I have some easy quick steps available to build the same. I have a script available for forming date table which has Years, Months, Weeks already defined in it.

Let’s have a look at the steps to create a date table-

1. Open Blank Query through New Source option available in Power Query.


Create a Date Table Using Power Query

2. Click on Advanced Editor of the new data source (Blank Query).


Create a Date Table Using Power Query


3. Paste the script into this window and click on Done.

Create a Date Table Using Power Query

4.New window will pop up where we can enter the start and End date of the newly formed date table as per the         requirements and click on Invoke.

Create a Date Table Using Power Query

5. As we click on Invoke our date table is created and ready to use.

Create a Date Table Using Power Query

We can rename the newly created table as “Date Table” and then can use this while building the report.

You can also customize the query as per your requirement of the data to utilize the capacity of Power BI Engine. As reducing the columns of the table will definitely impact the performance. And this is also going to simplify your process of calculating time intelligence functions for the report.


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