• Example:

We have the “Job List” report with report ID 10126. Let’s design a new Excel report with an existing report to create charts, a pivot table, and graphs, using formulas and functions to perform calculations to make the report easy to read.

  • Steps to create an Excel layout with the help of an existing report:
  1. Open the “Job List” report, On the request page, click on the “Send to” option, then select “Microsoft Excel document (data only);

Expanded FastTab

Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically determines whether FastTabs are initially displayed as expanded or collapsed.

If a FastTab is expanded, you see all the fields. If it’s collapsed, you just see the summary line. The summary line is the header that displays a name for the group, such as ‘General’. It can also include important fields such as ‘Name’ and ‘No.’.

You can also specify fields that only appear when the users select the Show More action on the FastTab. You promote a field or display it only when show more is selected by setting the Importance property of the field.

So, in this blog, we are going to learn how to create Fasttabs in Microsoft D365 Business Central.


A FastTab is a group control directly within the content area of a card, document, or task page.

Here I am creating a new page of type Card with a customer table to display Customer No. the field in the General FastTab and the Address field in Address & Contact FastTab.

Compile and Run will give you output as shown in below screenshot.

I hope this will help you in solving your purpose, to accomplish your goals using business central. 

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Technical Consultant D365 BC 
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