Business Performance Reports using Power BI

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Client: Non-profit Organisation

Technology Solutions: Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, SQL Server, SharePoint

Data Sources: SQL Server, Excel Spreadsheets, Salesforce, REST APIs

Industry: A yoga training academy

Our client is the largest non-profit association representing the yoga community.

The Challenge

  • Financial Reports – The client was using Excel spreadsheets to store the data. They built the dashboards in MS Excel itself. At the time of sharing the dashboards with other users, the dataset has also been shared with them. Here, the main challenge faced by them was financial data security.
  • Marketing Reports – The client wants to track the performance of their marketing campaigns. As they are running campaigns on various social media platforms. They are also doing email marketing.
  • Reports for Leadership Team – The client had to build the PowerPoint presentation for each report from scratch every time while presenting it to the Board Members.

Solution Delivered

  • Firstly, we moved on-premises data sources like Excel spreadsheets and SQL Server to the cloud.
  • We also implemented automated data quality validation as per various business rules.
  • Dynamic calculations were used to incorporate future changes – In the future when we get new scenarios in the data, the calculations will work fine without requiring any changes in the code.

Architecture Diagram​


  • Static interactivity of the report was replaced by dynamic interactivity. We removed the manual refresh and changes to the static reports by enabling the automated refresh and making the existing calculations dynamic.
  • Made the report user-friendly by keeping the functionality and accessibility of the report very simple.