Case Study on Healthcare IoT Data Analysis

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Client: A Medical Devices Startup

Industry: Medical Devices

Our client wanted to develop a remote medication monitoring app that will enable clinicians to view medication levels in real-time and customize dosages for every Patient. 

The Challenge

  • Data Collection - The client’s requirement was to capture data in real-time from a device attached to the Patient using Bluetooth technology.
  • Data Analysis – The data needs to be saved in Cloud without missing any datapoint from the device, and then analyzed in real-time to understand the effects of medication.
  • Data Access – The Patient data can be accessed only by doctors and clinicians assigned to the Patient and not by anyone else.

Solution Delivered

We helped in building an Android App that detects and connects to the medical device using Bluetooth technology (BLE). This App would parse the data, transform, and upload the Cloud using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to the Galen Cloud Platform for further analysis. The data needs to be assigned to the correct Patient, Lab, and Doctor.

We helped configure the Cloud platform so that the data gets stored in the right database and tables. We also set up error notifications for any data that fails validation.

Finally, we designed and developed a real-time dashboard refreshing data every 15 Sec. We provided them with visuals that are easy to read as well as look attractive.

For privacy, we restricted data to 3 levels.

  • Study (Test)
  • Site (Lab)
  • Subject (Patient)

Solution Diagram​

The Results

  • Immediate registrations (Patients) of subjects at site levels.
  • Create users with sites (Hospitals) establishing relationships between them. Updating the study for the respective subject (Patient), saving data for the patient with IoT sensor readings.
  • Different site users (Doctors, Clinicians, etc.) can refer to the studies from different sites (Hospitals).
  • Real-time dashboard of the data which gets updated every 15 Sec.