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Take your Business from Good to Great

Digital Marketing Company gains back control on business by moving away from spreadsheets to Power BI ​

Client: A leading marketing company in Switzerland

Technology Solution: Power BI

Industry: Marketing

A leading marketing consulting company in Switzerland, our client specializes in digital and inbound marketing. With clients like Cisco, Canon, Hitachi and Swiss Post, they are highly reputed in their domain. They provide services for marketing campaigns, paid media, web design & SEO to enterprise clients.

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Power BI Consultant

The Challenge

The client uses Harvest for time tracking, invoicing, and expense recording while Google Sheets for capturing the budget and various targets.

It was almost impossible to see the performance on day-to-day basis as data was in disparate sources. Lot of manual efforts were required to bring data together and create a single report.

One of the most time-consuming activity was to calculate incentive of team members which is based on various parameters.

Client’s team was also not able to see business performance and their own performance as there was not easy way to visualize data

Solution Delivered

The client was already aware of advantage of having a robust BI solution so the project had a good head start.

The client uses lot of Google technologies, so they wanted to set up Data Warehouse in Google BigQuery. Based on this, we designed an architecture as:

B.I. Architecture​

The Power BI reports were created for three levels of the organization

  1. Consultants
  2. Management Team
  3. Board members.

The reports and dashboards were shared with these three teams by using Power BI Pro licenses. The consultants were very pleased as they could see company’s performance and their performance. They could also see how much incentive ther are going to get as soon as the period was over.

CEO of the company is using the reports every day and is so thrilled with the solution that he is already planning to develop it as a product for other marketing companies. The client team now wants to cover all their business processes into the BI solution.

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