Difference Between DA-100 & 70778

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Hello readers, In this blog we will see the difference between Microsoft’s certification exams DA-100 & 70778.

DA-100 is Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI and 70778 is Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI. DA-100 is a role-based certification exam while 70778 is tool-based certification exam. About 80% of topics in both exams are same. Microsoft has changed the weightage of questions being asked by them from a topic.

Skill measured in 70778 :

1. Consuming and Transforming Data by Using Power BI Desktop (20-25%)
2. Modelling and Visualizing Data (45-50%)
3 .Configure Dashboards, Reports and Apps in the Power BI Service (25-35%)

Skill measured in DA-100 –

1. Prepare the data (20-25%)
2. Model the data (25-30%)
3. Visualize the data (20-25%)
4. Analyze the data (10-15%)
5. Deploy and Maintain Deliverables (10-15%)

New topics added in DA-100

1. AI Visuals
2. Paginated Reports
3. New data sources added
4. Performance Improvement Techniques
5. General Error Solving Techniques
6. Common Data Service (CDS)
7. Use Parameters (Switch Data Source)
8. Data Profiling (data anomalies, data structures, data statistics)
9. Working with Advance Editor
10.Quick Measure
11. R & Python Visual
12. Mobile View Report
13. Top-N Analysis
14. Drill-through & Cross filter
15. Play Axis feature of a Visualization
16. Reference Lines by using Analytics pane

Detailed explanation of DA-100 is not in the scope of this blog. If you want learn more about DA-100 exam, you can refer by blog My Experience with Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI. I hope you will find this blog helpful.

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