Does sandbox PTE get removed or not after D365 – BC updated, what are the Advantages and Disadvantages publishing extension as PTE in Sandbox

Does sandbox PTE get removed or not after D365 – BC is updated?

when a sandbox environment is updated, any extensions that were installed in that environment will not be automatically removed. However, it’s possible that an extension might become incompatible with the updated environment or might need to be updated to take advantage of new features, so it’s always a good idea to test your extensions thoroughly after any environment updates.

This is how file looks when it is uploaded as PTE.

– Uploading an extension as a PTE in a sandbox environment has several advantages and disadvantages:


You can test your extension in a dedicated sandbox environment without affecting any production data.

You can test your extension with specific data sets and scenarios that are relevant to your organization’s needs.

You can catch any issues or bugs before deploying the extension to a production environment.

You can use a PTE to demonstrate your extension to potential customers or stakeholders.


Setting up and maintaining a PTE can require additional resources and time.

You might encounter issues in the PTE environment that don’t occur in the production environment

You might need to update your extension to address any compatibility issues that arise after environment updates.

You might need to coordinate with other stakeholders to ensure that they are aware of any changes you make in the PTE environment.

Pooja Zinjurke

Technical Consultant – D365 BC

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