How To Create Graph Or Visuals In Solver Reporting?

Charts are very easy way to add a visual to your report and it helps the user to better understand the values being presented. Various charts options are available in Excel. Different charts options can be reviewed by Recommended Charts in the Charts group under Insert tab. Then select All Charts tab in the Insert Chart window.

After placing a chart in your document, three areas are displayed by default and those areas can be edited as desired. The areas displayed by default are Chart Title, Plot Area and Chart Legend. Click the Chart Area to activate the Chart Elements, Style and Filter.

Click Chart Elements  to add, remove or change elements such as Axis title, Legend, Gridlines, Data Labels, Data Tables,  etc and additional menus are available on clicking on it.

Chart Style option    is available to set the style and color scheme of the chart

Chart Filter  option is used to edit the data points and names in the chart. Click Select Data to define data source of the chart.

To insert  a graph on Solver Report,

  • Preselect the data source.
  • On the Insert tab, in the Chart group the desired chart form.
  • Click in the chart area and reposition the chart into proper location.
  • Click Chart Filters  and then click Select Data… to define the legend range and chart name.
  • Chart data range displays the already selected data source range in Select Data Source 
  • In Legend Entries(Series), select the series and click The series is broken down into two components: Series name and Series value. Both need to be updated.
  • Clear the current range in Series name field and select the name field from Excel sheet.
  • Clear the current range in Series values field, click the legend value range in Excel sheet and click OK 
  • In Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels, click Edit. For Axis Label Range, click the Category range in Excel. Then click OK.
  • Click OK to close the Select Data Source dialog box.
  • Save and run your report.
  • The graph will be displayed as

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