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When we talk of Microsoft technologies, we always imagine big factories, offices with a huge amount of inventory and that to be managed by these tools. But today we will see digital transformation of R&D company. They successfully used both Microsoft Azure and D365 Business Central, to their systems for innovation.

Circularo was founded in 2013 by a Czech-based research and development team in a Middle East/North Africa sales and delivery organization based in Dubai. Since then, the Circularo platform has been recognized for its innovative approach to digital transformation for mobile e-correspondence, contract management, or e-signing paperless solutions. They adapted Microsoft Azure and D365 the leading organizations, govt dependence on them has increased drastically after that.

Their main motive remains the same, but with Covid 19, they adopted smart working. Earlier signing a document was considered an easier task, but after covid, the humane touch is avoided, so signing documents and contracts online, is in big demand! It is also challenging, both for internal and external clientele. Sharing them fast, securely and without risking the information are another important challenge.  

Confidentiality and huge data storage –

Microsoft Azure offered them cloud technology to save their documents securely with multifactor authentication and facilitated them their own electric certification. They used OneDrive and Azure factory to save the documents. By which, replacing the documents by just deleting the unwanted ones, became faster.

Saved the paper waste and helped in cost-cutting –

They saved a lot of space of saving the physical data storage. Saving the data physically also calls for their security issues. This was solved as everything was kept virtually. It reduced the paper wastage, as when certain agreements are out of date, replacing it with the newer one was easier in the OneDrive.

Overall, the clientele has been very happy with the smoother and easier way of data storage. It also increased the trust in the company for confidentiality.


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