What is Machine Learning?

Human brain has been the vast capacity holder of various neural information transmission. As the time passed, it has evolved, and will be evolving rapidly. On the basis on that, Artificial Intelligence is evolved. Machine learning is a branch of AI and computer science, which focuses on algorithms and data, and its complex processes, like the human brain functions. It has not just imitated what human brain does, but surpassed human brain, let’s say self-driven cars!  

How is it done though? 
Based on past experiences, data trends algorithms are trained in such a way that it will produce and predict future based patterns of the data. This plays extremely important role in the businesses for depicting trends for the future. As the classifications made are based the factual figures, it becomes easy to rely on the insights and decisions provided.  

For most of the non-IT people, it becomes difficult to process the machine learning as a phenomenon but in simple terms it’s based on; 

Decision making –  
Algorithms will classify the similar looking trends in particular clusters and then pattern in the data form the decision of that cluster set.  

Error function –  
Once the patterns are formed, we get a model for testing. Error function serves to evaluate the error in that model. Comparisons are done based on the already set models and its functionality. By this the accuracy of the model is tested.  

Model optimization process –  
Once the model fits the pre-established training set, then adjusting the weights for discrepancy between the tested model and established algorithms is done. 

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