Business Central Support & Customization

If you’ve already deployed Business Central and need customization and support,
then Addend Analytics is a perfect partner for you!

Reasons why companies need a NAV/BC support partner

You don’t get the right support and service they need post-implementation

You are seeking better advice on their existing BC solution

You want to innovate your ERP or accounting business processes

You want their systems to run faster and meet desired expectations

As your business evolves, you want to upgrade your BC platform or carry out series of customizations

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Types of Business Central Customization

Based upon our experience, there are 4 types of Business Central Customizations (Navision) that Addend Analytics offers

BC User Interface

Simple designer adjustments that influence the user interface are the first type of customization that might occur. Dashboards can be customized to hide columns or reveal hidden data elements. Using drag and drop, you can easily place fact boxes where you need them. To do so, simply use the Designer tool; no coding knowledge is required.

There are even more advanced techniques to tweak the UI; if you have Visual Studio, you can use it to add table and page extensions to further personalise the UI. Developers can use a development sandbox like Docker to test their code.

dynamics 365 business central
dynamics 365 business central
BC Extensions
Let’s move on to a more advanced tweak that is only available to individuals with administrative rights. By adding functionality as extensions to Business Central (Navision), you can connect to various products you use every day. On the Home page, there’s an Extension Management window where you may add Microsoft extensions, such as:
  • C5 2012 Data Migration
  • Ceridian Payroll
  • Image Analyzer
  • Microsoft Pay
  • PayPal Payments Standard
  • QuickBooks Data Migration
  • QuickBooks Payroll File Import
  • Sales and Inventory Forecast
As you might expect, these customizations are incredibly useful. In future versions of Business Central (Navision), we expect Microsoft to introduce more of these “connectors.”
BC Apps

Users can create their custom applications using the new Business Central (Navision). What’s nice is that you don’t need to be a developer to create your app because the interfaces are so user-friendly and templated. If you want to monetize your app, you may use Microsoft’s Go-To-Market services. To make the app more effective and appealing, you could pull data from Business Central (Navision) and employ tools like Microsoft Power BI or Cortana. Without writing a single line of code, you can accomplish all of these tasks.

dynamics 365 business central
dynamics 365 business central
Allied options
Microsoft Business Central (Navision) offers a variety of different customization options. Below, they are mentioned:
  • Connect to external data sources such as your bank, accounting software, or other legacy platforms to reduce data entry redundancies, to name a few.
  • Reports of various kinds, including compliance and regulatory reporting, can be added.
  • For individual job descriptions or departments, create role-specific dashboards and tasks.
  • Add market data related to your sector and the products you sell. For example, you could construct a newsfeed tied to a product that displays market trends.

Our Business Central Support Services

How do we work with you for BC Support and Customization?

Define the Scope of Work

When our clients demand any customization or support, a Statement of Work (SOW) is defined and prepared by us. It specifies the work requirements for a project, assigns project-specific activities, establishes deliverables, and dates, and sets pricing.


Once the scope of work is defined and approved, we allocate a specific number of hours that would be required for that Customization project. For Support projects, we allot fix number of hours every month where you can freely utilize our BC consultants.

Delivery Methodology

Our Delivery methodology is simple, transparent, standard, and well suited for our global clients. We provide end-to-end testing that verifies that various user-flows work as expected. This is followed by Performance testing which checks the behavior of the system when it is under significant load. Owing to this rigorous testing process, our implementation has not yet encountered a single failure!

Go Live

If at this point, you are happy that all your customizations can be worked through without a glitch, then we can go live with the systems. You go life and we hang around for a while to provide support to your users as they embark on a new journey with new upgrades and customizations.

Why consider Addend Analytics as your Business Central Accounting Partner?

Business Central Support & Customization FAQs
What is Addend Analytics’ expertise?

Addend Analytics is a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Mumbai, India and a branch office in U.S. We have successfully implemented 100+ Microsoft Power BI and Business Central (Navision) implementation, upgrade and customization projects across the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

How much does it cost to hire for BC Customization and Support & what are your rates?

This depends on what support and customizations you need! We can analyze your data and submit you a proposal for your support and customization on the monthly model. We work and sign Managed Services Agreement (MSA) for fixed hours on monthly basis with you and you are free to utilise them whenever you need. For more information, please contact us here.