Financial Analysis with
Microsoft Power BI

Financial Analysis Quick Overview​

We can create interactive and insightful financial analysis solutions with Power BI. This financial analysis is primarily derived from the General Ledger (GL) of your accounting software or ERP. It incorporates key performance indicators, visualizations, and interactive consolidated Income Statement and Balance Sheet.  The report also shows variances in actuals versus budget and prior year in order to track the financial health and progress of the organization.  It helps you to uncover unknown insights in financial data that can reduce costs and risks while increasing profits and transparency.  Financial professionals depend heavily on reliable, up-to-date reporting so they can make time-sensitive decisions that are vital for driving business strategies.

This solution is intended for
CEOs, CFOs, Finance Managers, Account Managers and Analysts

How are your key financial metrics like revenue, gross profit and net income, performing compared to your budget and prior year actuals?
What areas of the company over or under performing?
Which divisions have the highest and lowest margins?
How is your inventory turn around?