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Power BI Embedded Solutions

Microsoft Power BI embedded enables you to embed dashboards, reports, and other analytics in your own application, complete with your own branding. Using the Power BI API and Azure features, you may integrate the Power BI cloud service’s many rich features and functionality into your own application. This cuts down on development time and expenses tremendously and even unnecessary complexities.


Embed Power Bi Dashboard
Power Bi Embedded Pricing
Embedded Power BI Reports

By leveraging App Owns Data, and Power BI Embedded Capacity in Azure, you can embed dashboards, reports, or tiles into an application. App Owns Data also has the advantage of allowing material from several Power BI tenants to be served via a single interface. When you have numerous entities within a larger organisation, each with its own Azure AD/Power BI tenant, this can be handy.

Having an app that uses Power BI as its embedded analytics tool is referred to as having an App Owns Data. Our team of Power BI consultants will assist you in embedding interactive Power BI reports in an application. To see the report content, users of this application will not need a Microsoft Power Bi Licensing.

Embedding Reports in SharePoint Online

Adding Power BI to SharePoint Online is a quick and easy method to add an interactive reporting tool that is also secured and shared. Combining Power BI’s visualisation capabilities with SharePoint’s collaboration capabilities lays the groundwork for gaining important information and comparing your data’s business-critical metrics quickly. We can help you embed interactive Power BI reports in SharePoint Online pages using Power BI’s new report web element for SharePoint Online. The embedded reports are 100% safe when utilising the new Embed in SharePoint Online option, allowing you to simply establish secure internal portals. This new tool makes it simple to share data-driven visualisations and other presentations. Because not all users have permission to access the report, these embedded reports are substantially more secure. The Power BI service assigns permissions for reviewing reports. They can be shared for internal or external usage, depending on the situation.

Power BI Embedded

Users who are already using SharePoint can now see Power BI content right on the page. Unlike Power BI Embedded, there is no code necessary to embed a Power BI visualisation in SharePoint Online; simply click on the current URL and embed as a Power BI object. It’s crucial to note that accessing and posting dashboards on SharePoint Online requires a Power BI Pro licence. When allowing Power BI Pro access to SharePoint Online, there is an initial setup process that will enable the functionalities discussed above.

Power BI Embedded
Power BI Embedding for your Organization

When you embed the Power BI service for your company, it allows you to extend the service and needs users of your application to sign into the Power BI service to view the content. When a team member logs in, they can only see dashboards and reports in the Power BI service that they created or that someone shared with them.

Integrate a Report into a Website, Web App or Mobile App

  • Using user-owned data, Power BI allows you to incorporate dashboards, reports, and tiles into an application. User-owned data allows you to extend the Power BI tool to include embedded analytics in your application.
  • To get started, our team of Power BI consultants can coach you in selecting the right tier of Power BI Embedding Capacity in Azure and walk you through the entire process of embedding the Power BI reports in a sample application. 
  • To gain access to the Power BI Rest APIs, you must first register your application with Azure Active Directory. You can create an identity for your application and configure permissions to Power BI REST APIs by registering it.
  • To generate an application secret, you must first register a server-side web application app. Our Power BI experts will assist you with creating sophisticated Power BI reports as well as embedding them into your application.

Why would you want to have an Analytics Solution built within your App?

  • Embedding Developers may use Power BI to incorporate visuals in apps, which can help them make better decisions without having to design an analytical solution.
  • Employees can access their company data and conduct actions that generate important insights from this data by embedding analytics into the application.
  • Minimize your application’s development time and achieve a faster time to market.
  • Spend less time developing visual analytics features from scratch and more time focused on your product. Easily analyse data and obtain insights from anywhere.

Power BI Embedded Analytics’ Applications

  • Reports and dashboards, KPI tiles, and other graphics may be seamlessly integrated into any third-party or SaaS application with Microsoft Power BI Embedded. This makes it suitable for ISVs or those that want users to directly log into a custom web app or portal to interact with content.
  • Power BI Embedded is a suitable fit if you want to securely distribute Power BI reports externally without requiring consumers to have a relationship with Microsoft (i.e., pay their own licences to use Power BI), or if you don’t want users to sign into the Microsoft Power BI cloud service.

Experience a Power BI Embedded Demo

Our team of Power BI developers can assist you in embedding Power BI and providing the numerous custom capabilities seen in the Power BI embedded playground below. Take a peek and play around with the many custom development options and capabilities available for some live interactive demonstrations.

Get started with Power BI Embedded Solution with Addend Analytics

If you’re interested in our Power BI embedded consulting services, one of our consultants will call you and go over your requirements and usage scenarios in detail. We’ll share a template with you to make it easier for you to understand the intricacies. As a result, we can recommend the best solution architecture. After that, our team will present you with a proposal that includes time and cost estimates.
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Power BI Embedded Consulting & Solutions FAQs
What is Addend Analytics’ expertise?

Addend Analytics is a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Mumbai, India and a branch office in U.S. We have successfully implemented 10000+ Microsoft Power BI embedded reports across U.S., Europe, and Australia.

How much does it cost to implement Power BI Embedded solutions and reports?

This totally depends on your requirements. Our rates are typically around $40 per hour for a typical Power BI Embedding projects and go even lower for the longer projects.

Are you able to tailor the embedded solutions to support specific needs?

Yes, we provide full stack development for the end-to-end process. If needed, we can help design the app sign in page, UI and UX etc. Outside of this, we tailor the experience and features within the app to your specific needs.

How do you use Power BI Embedded?

If you’re an independent software vendor (ISV) or a developer who wants to create applications for third parties to use your application, we recommend using the embed for your customers method to embed your Power BI content. Embedding for your customers allows you to embed dashboards and reports to users who don’t have a Power BI account.

Do you provide any ongoing support?

Yes, to ensure your team can overcome any obstacles or issues experienced after the implementation, we offer encourage clients to consider Maintenance and Support Agreement (MSA) on monthly or annual basis. In this scenario, you can purchase a bundle of support hours to be drawn from as needed on monthly basis or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

How do I contact you?

Please email your requirements at kamal.sharma@addendanalytics.com and we will get back to you.