Real Estate Asset Management Analytics with Microsoft Power BI

If you are a Real estate Asset management consulting company or a commercial property manager or dealer, then our Real estate Reporting and analytics can help you make strategic, effective decisions and Save Costs!

Empower your Real Estate business with the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI

Real estate Asset managers and executives require data and information to make timely and smart decisions. Our game-changing real estate reporting and analytics with Power BI is exactly what your company needs to go ahead of the competition!

Addend Analytics’ Real estate reporting and analytics solution, designed under the supervision of real estate management experts and asset managers, enables business users to quickly visualise complicated data, discover patterns, understand what’s behind those trends, and make faster, more informed decisions about property management, financing, and investments.

Real Estate Management Analytics – Addend’s Ready Solution!

Addend Analytics implemented Power BI solutions to showcase Real estate Asset Management Analytics for a U.S. based Real estate Asset management consulting company.

We can create interactive and insightful Real Estate business analysis solutions with Power BI. These solutions provide business users with an overview of assets performance from multiple dimensions such as by time, geography, asset type, household income, etc. It allows executives to get a snapshot of how the business is doing. At the same time, it gives managers and analysts the ability to dive deeper into the data to efficiently identify what strategies are working and find out exactly where improvements are needed.

The Real Estate dashboard is useful for Property Managers, CFO and Business Analysts who want to use data to make better decisions.

The dashboard set start with a high-level view and then drills down deeper into different performance indicators.

Power BI
The Summary dashboard provides the high-level view to the property managers. It is showing count of properties, Occupancy %, Gross Leasable Area, Property Value etc. The great thing is that the Property Managers can slice the data for different regions, sub-regions and markets.
Power BI
Power BI
The Y0Y Trend page shows changes in property value over time and by region. The users can change the context from overall to region and market.

The correlation analysis is a powerful tool to analyze relation between different variables and the outcome. In the above dashboard we are trying to visualize relationship between Household Income and Occupancy %.

Again, the Property Manager can slice the data for different period, region, markets etc.

Power BI

5 Key Benefits of Asset Management Analytics with your Real Estate Portfolio

If you’re like many real estate firms, you might not have an easy way to see all of your assets’ financials in one location. Our Microsoft Power BI led Asset management analytics may provide you with a clear picture of your entire organisation, allowing you to make more informed decisions. The final goal is to increase the value of your properties and increase your profits. 
Keep Track of your Data, Save Time

Most real estate companies possess many properties, but they lack a mechanism for storing all of their information in one place. Instead, they employ a combination of spreadsheets, QuickBooks (or other accounting systems) partial files, paper files, electronic files, and property management system partial files.

The issue arises when you try to combine all of the data pieces. It can be difficult to go through the crucial data your organisation requires to determine where the true value in your real estate portfolio lies. It can be aggravating and time-consuming to gain access to this vital information. Data could be outdated or erroneous. It’s possible that you and your team are wasting time travelling to numerous locations to obtain the information you require.

Real estate asset management, on the other hand, provides a time-saving compilation of your complete portfolio. You can quickly and easily access your whole portfolio data with a decent real estate asset management system. You can also use filters to find the specific info you’re looking for.

Power BI
Power BI
Track Multiple Assets at Same Time

If your real estate company owns a variety of assets, we know how difficult it is for you to keep track of everything. When it comes to various properties, there are numerous considerations and obstacles. Many real estate investors possess a mix of office buildings, retail space, apartment units, warehouse space, and other types of properties.

You can accurately assemble and analyse data from numerous asset kinds using an asset management application like Addend Analytics’ Power BI. You can compare as many properties as you want across one single Power BI platform.

Compare your numbers of Similar Properties

It’s difficult to assess a property’s success unless you can compare the data to those of similar properties. Asset management analytics software gives you a visual representation of how your property compares to others in your portfolio. You can see where your costs are out of whack, as well as where you’re on target.

Having fast access to this information might help you avoid neglecting the benefits and drawbacks of your properties. You should take advantage of every chance to improve the performance of your properties.

Power BI
Power BI
Be Ready with your Data for your Partners

You want to be able to provide relevant, timely data about the performance of your properties with your investors, lenders, and/or partners. In these cases, having well-organized data is critical. You may also acquire a comprehensive image of your loan/lender profile using a decent real estate portfolio management system. Finally, this gives your insight into how and with whom you are leveraged. You can also make a more accurate prognosis for the future when you have the correct facts on hand. And all this is possible with our Microsoft Power BI’s Real estate reporting capabilities. Along the same lines, Addend Analytics’ Power BI Real estate reporting and asset management analytics can help you make proactive or preventative decisions, potentially saving your firm a lot of money! Imagine being able to respond to your lenders’ and investors’ questions right away, rather than having to wait until you get access to the data.